[PANN] 161111 [Fantalk Special] Infinite Sue!

Fantalk Special Infinite Sue

Fantalk Special Infinite Sue - Hitman Bang's refreshing action

Deep sorrow as if she just lost her own planet...

Ms. ARMY's heart tears again as she reads great number of hateful comments like any other day

Right then, she receives notification from Twitter...

Profound posts were tweeted by Bighit Official account

The reaction of ARMYs all around the world when they saw these tweets?

Stage 1

They repeatedly exclaimed "this is crazy, this is crazy"
crazy! crazy...crazy! crazy oh sh*t this is crazy! crazy! 

Stage 2
Their adrenalin starts rushing.

They're risking their lives for the excitement

(thump, thump) woah..! woaaaah! yeaaaah hurrray!!!!!!! yalraeyaleraeyolruriyal! woaaahh!!!!!!!

Stage 3. 
They can't control the rushing excitement.

Can't control their own excitement

Break the apartments!!!! *sound of tempered glasses shattering*!!!!!! Break the walls!!!!!

Stage 4

They shed little tears of happiness...

(tears rolling)...

serves them right~ they deserve it! *cackles

Right... go on... go on and point your finger at us and laugh all you want...

And that's how all ARMYs began to save PDFs all day

"Will you come to your senses only when I sue you all!"

I'm waiting for the get-together party at the police station

Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'M EXICTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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