[PANN] 161111 This was what the magazine editor wrote about Taehyung

"When you think of a person, you usually remember a set of images with consistent emotions but V is an exception. You can;t describe V with a single image."

wow I really agree...

You are you, I am me, V is V

If someone asks me "What kind of person is V?", I think I'd tell that person a great number of stories. He's kind, he's nice, he's smart, he's meticulous, he's unique, he's strange and... When you think of a person, you usually remember a set of images with consistent emotions but V is an exception. You can't describe V with a single image. V is just V. He didn't talk much during the interview. He gave an  impression of someone who only speaks what's necessary when he thinks it's his turn to speak. He plainly replies to the questions about him like a child. After changing his outfit, he was the first member to come to the studio and wait for 30 minutes all by himself. Surprisingly, he came to ask about his photoshoot concept. When I looked V's eyes as he listened to our explanation, I couldn't tell if he understood or not but his expression was very serious. During the photoshoot, V came to ask if the photos looked good. He was the only member who came to check the photos. He regularly came to monitor group and individual cuts. That is V.

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1. another Eppi commented before "Taehyung is mature and grown up like but it's just that the way he expresses his emotion is like a child..." +91 -1

2. He's innocent and pure like a child at times but he's very strict and firm about his job... I think he's a very cool person. +64 -1

3. So Taehyung looks great in photos because he's talented but it's also because he cares a lot ㅠ he's cool +54 -1

4. Although he might seem like a child, he is the eldest son in his family with 2 younger siblings... +11 -0

5. I think Taehyung deserves all the love <<< that's what I habitually end up saying when I talk or think about Taehyung ㅋㅋㅋ anyway our Taetae is a real angel +10 -1

6. even I joined the fandom because of Taehyung. He's handsome but his personality is really cool too... at first I misunderstood him as the "my way blood type B" member style in the team. but he wasn't. He expresses in an unique way or his expression might look clumsy, and he actually wants to be loved like a child but at times you can see him acting very mature. He has a strong mind and a distinct attitude. ㅠㅠ I'm really sad when people misunderstand him and say his personality is very child like... people who know him wouldn't think that way and that upsets me ㅜㅡㅜ he's the eldest son in his family.. +9 -2

7. This is why I can never explain Taehyung's charms in one word... seriously, he's like a drawing paper. You can't define Taehyung with one word. +9 -1

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