[PANN] 161112 Ah sh*t Taehyung's previews are up

ah what do I do 
he's so pretty cute and handsome 
ah my heart hurts...

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Response +91 -0

1. seriously I'm sure he must be sick of hearing this but Kim Taehyung, you do know that you're seriously very handsome, right? +40 -0

2. why am I seeing a baby in the photo...? +20 -0

3. Taetae, what are you doing here without going to the kindergarten?? +20 -1

4. I just got back from fan meeting and seriously... the photo can't even capture 50% of his actual face +3 -0

5. Why is he so handsome... Taehyung, I'm still not used to your handsome face +3 -0

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