[PANN] 161112 I feel terrible because BTS's Save ME didn't get enough attention

I think it's one of the greatest songs by BTS. It feels like a very classy pop? song and it feels good

I think this track didn't see much light because it wasn't the title track... if they promoted this song as a follow up song I think it would have got more popular. Some know this song but majority of the public remembers the title tracks so...

Anyway I think Save Me should see more light and it's my opinion so don't curse at me

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Response +787 -81

1. the genre of Save me itself is not very popular in Korea yet but I was really surprised to watch Save me performances and music video.. I mean idols emphasize more on commercial songs but BTS's attempt is... but the song's really good too. It's one of the trendy genre in other countries so I've listened to it many times until I got tired of listening to it but I think Save me is a masterpiece. Tropical house + KPOP elements, they combined these two factors really well and I don't know the rapping member but thanks to the rapper who performed in trap style, the song wasn't too obvious..Save me is my favorite song among BTS's songs! +147 -12
ㄴ that's J Hope!
ㄴ I love Save me too but I like "Lost" from their new album ㅠㅅㅜ it feels like the next "Save me"? +11 -0

2. For me I think it's Butterfly ㅠ +81 -0

3. save me, young forever and butterfly are masterpieces +77 -0

4. save me wasn't their title track? I thought it was a title song because of that music video they filmed on sand ㅋ I'm a guy so I don't really listen to boy group songs but I liked Save me so now I listen to their other songs too +45 -2

5. Save me is a great song but the choreography is just... +39 -2

6. the choreography is just... I watched this live with my own naked eyes and I thought I was going to die +32 -3

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