[PANN] 161113 I'm really jealous of ARMYs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

First of all, their company made an official Youtube channel for the fans to watch their idol play and they also upload videos of them at music shows and concerts. They also have an official shopping site to buy BTS goods or albums. And was it yesterday? they also organized fan meeting for their fans (Chimmungie's so adorable) and they also announced they're going to sue the haters. Also, their albums are so well made
But most of all, BTS interacts with their fans a lot and I can tell their fans are BTS's no.1 priority. I've never seen an idol going down on stage at music shows to say hi to their fans ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and whenever they win the first place Rap Mon goes "ARMY~!" and I stalk BTS's twitter sometimes and they upload photos which fans like and even when some stupid problems break out, they comfort their fans. I'm verrrrrrrry jealous. Hyunsuk said he's give my idol a new album in 2 years but it's been 10 months now and I'm not hearing any updates... f*** why are you making him sick ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

ARMYs, please boast about your artist. My ears are open

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1. ...they are wonderful people. I'm so glad to be their fan +130 -2
Thank you for being a fan to me and us. I am your fan too. I am the silent fan who supports you through your loneliness and struggles in your life. Behind the stage, or in the work room, I write my fan letter to you with the musical notes. And I hope you read those notes which express how I miss you.

2. There's too many so I don't know where I should start but I'm sure about this. They're different. Their teamwork? that's just amazing and the energy they create together as 7 members just make us all happy. I realized this again yesterday... I should Bangtan the rest of my life +128 -3

3. After going to Gocheok Dome, I realized that they're ARMYs too. I can't express all the feelings I felt but the emotions were beyond my imagination. Seriously I understood they're amazing people and that they have great personality and character. Seriously I can't express it in words. +126 -4
ㄴ I said they're like ARMYs because they really understand us very well.

4. You know how you sometimes feel like there's a great wall between the artist and fans or that feeling "I spent so much money to attend their concert... wth am I doing seriously?" after attending concerts... but with BTS you'll never feel that way. I mean, you could but the boys comfort us so we won't feel that way. They always tell us "We're not someone that's unreachable. We're entirely one. We will protect the lights in your eyes" during their last ment. So I've never regretted attending their concerts until now. +49 -0

5. But trolls drag them a lot so it's very hard for us, yet we really feel like our idol is holding our hands... ARMYs really depend on each other too. +41 -0

6. 1. Bighit respects their artist. This makes it possible for BTS to present us with good music always~ 2. The members don't get jealous and they do their best in their position. A leader does his best as their leader, same goes to eldest hyung, maknae line, vocal line, dance line, etc. As a fan, this is really great and I feel proud. 3. BTS is ARMY's fanclub. They are cool people who always tell us that they're our fan and they respect their fans. 4. Bighit doesn't treat them like they're their business product. When members are sick, they cancel their schedule and sends them to the hospital for check-ups. Prices for their album and goods are average but if you consider the quality and quantity, I think they might be making losses. 5. Because they're BTS! 6. They are 7 talented and handsome men with great personalities. They are like a family and their bond is amazing. Just watching them heals me. ㅎㅎ +40 -0

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