[PANN] 161114 Jung Hoseok in real life.zip

According to ARMYs, his eyes are very twinkling, has very high nose bridge and his face shape is very narrow... I even searched on Fantalk to learn how good looking he is... well, I think I get a general idea but I wish I could see him with my eyes....
(I couldn't find the photo during "FIRE" rehearsal which showed his perfect body proportion... anyway please leave the photos that look very close to his real life face ㅜ)

+) and this photo is the real life version Jungkook I found...

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Response +15 -0

1. The boys' faces are as small as ARMY bomb... ^^ +4 -0

2. the cameras are the problem... +1 -0

3. If you could imagine bigger eyes and higher nose of the second photo- that is very close to real life Hoseok. Jung Hoseok is a f***ing handsome guy +1 -0

4. He's just really handsome +1 -0

5. First of all, the members have very small face but Hoseok had a very, very small face. I couldn't understand why people said he has a long face. Seriously his nose is really beautiful. You can't really capture his beauty in photos 

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