[PANN] 161114 MAMA Research Chonggong!

MAMA Research Chonggong!

Every day until 2016 December 1st
When you are on your way to work, school, way home from work or from school.
8:30PM to 1 AM (for 30 mins) [KST]

Music sites: Melon, Bugs, Mnet, Genie
Portal sites: Naver, Daum, Nate

On music sites search "방탄소년단"
connect using Chrome Secret Mode (or Puffin)
After searching "방탄소년단" on Portal sites, click on any article and wait for 2~3 minutes and close the tab. [repeat]

*Please continue to search them whenever you have time, not only during CHONGGONG TIME
Please search "방탄소년단" when BTS recommends songs on Twitter

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Response +30 -1

This site makes it easy http://fearlessness.cn/ 

And remember to vote on MAMA

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