[PANN] 161116 I was healed thanks to BTS J Hope

I was on my way home with my coworker after our night shift
And my coworker from the hospital is a fan of BTS and she showed me a photo
I was healed immediately after looking at it
How could he smile so prettily?
I asked her to send the photo to my Kakaotalk right away and I saved it...
He really sparkles and he's so pretty

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Response +214 -17

1. How can you speak so sweetly ㅠㅠ? Even ARMY feels happy thanks to OP +60 -1

2. he is, isn't he? ㅠㅠ it's weird but when you look at Hoseok, you get this hopeful feeling inside..♡ +35 -0

3. You speak really sweetly... Hoseok has a beautiful smile and I'm happy you noticed it ㅠㅠ let's share! +29 -0

4. I like him too. His smile is really beautiful and that expression fits him perfectly +16 -1

5. The ultimate boyfriend like photo +15 -0

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