[PANN] 161120 This is really too much. They shouldn't mess with a person like him

How dare they drag Hitman Bang into this... Even we only make fun of Hitman Bang with Introduce Hit it the second audition~... I'm creating a pdf

Guys, this all began because of this son of a b****,, this is the guy who started the plagiarism boy scouts, misogyny  boy scouts etc..

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Response +66 -0

1. I'm really really looking forward to seeing the lawsuit. Some of them are flipping out like that so they make me look forward more~~ +31 -1

2. How dare they touch our Toto; are they crazy?? +19 -0

3. wow did they just drag our Sihyuk-nim? +18 -0

4. I think they're brainless. There's a limit to everything but they just crossed it. Goodbye, you will realize that you just ruined your life in one shot very soon. +4 -0

5. Don't you dare touch our Toto hyung... +3 -0

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