[PANN] 161121 Invasion by a normal person) Do they really deserve to be "criticized"?

Firstly, I don't belong to any fandom
But because posts about this topic filled 30 pages on Entertalk board
I tried searching on Twitter "멜론 항의" (Melon Protest) only because I was curious

and then I found

Complain to -> Melon's phone number

telephone inquiry: (phone number) (Weekdays 09:00 - 18:00, paid service)
email: (email address)

I just brought one tweet of the tweets that had many RTs
There were hundreds of tweets asking others to call Melon for clarification
This was the main idea
"BTS won the award but it's the result of Melon's fabrication"
We all know well that it's hard for the award to be re-awarded to another artist, this is very difficult
I even simply thought E*O fandom must be really depressed by this to make calls to Melon
But I think what they're doing right now is wrong

First of all, I will not link any posts that are on Best Talk Ranking because you can find them there
Their act of calling Melon right now merely as "fans of E*O" is an act of slighting an artist who has been in the field for 4 years and they're also ignoring tens of thousands of people who support the artist.

I was curious about BTS's thoughts after receiving the award so I went to watch their V App on Youtube
I was able to feel their gratitude to their fans and their confidence from the video
Now after watching and searching about them, I was curious about the meaning of "Album of the Year" award so I began to search BTS's album
"The members participated in making their music ever since their debut"
This was the most impressive part
HYYH series, Young Forever special album and WINGS
I couldn't find a single song that didn't have their name in it (as composer, lyricist)
I was able to realize how much they participated in making their albums and I understood how much thoughts of an artist were captured in their album
I heard that album sales weren't included in this year's Album of the year criteria
With only two words "votes" and "records/results"
I don't think it's fair to criticize, slander and say that they don't deserve the award
This applies to others as well not only BTS
I think they've crossed the line
They curse and refuse to accept the fact that another artist won the award and say they're going to give this award to their own artist?

This is the part where you can realize how scary anonymity can get
BTS is being slandered by people who don't even know about them because they had less numerical figures (votes)
and this goes to their fans as well

I'm grateful for learning about BTS by this opportunity
and I think they deserved this award because their album quality is very high
It's a good day because every singer's goal is to win a Daesag
This is an award that was accomplished by the fans' support and the artist's hard work
They say "After a storm comes a calm"
After this storm like moment, I wish BTS will become a stronger artist

I've come to the end of my post and
what I really wanted to tell you in my post was
"BTS is too valuable to be criticized by just numbers"
The people who slander and criticize right now will soon realize what they're doing is wrong
I thought it'd be better to post this on fantalk so here I am
BTS, congratulations for winning the Daesang.

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1. Eppis, I'm leaving this comment because many of you are reading this post, please spread this at the official cafe too. Do not call Melon. Right now they are trying their best to use us to get a feedback. They know they're going to ruin their artist's image if they call Melon alone so they're trying to drag us with them. Do not call Melon because our problem will solve when they call Melon themselves. They might pretend to be ARMYs but it's okay because if we spread this message to not call Melon on other sites including the official cafe, we will be able to catch the pretenders. We're collecting proves so Eppis, please don't be sad because it's not worth engaging with them. Do not try to get involved with their immature and thoughtless fans. Let's protect our boys smartly and calmly. +32 -0

2. Hello. As a person who got to learn about BTS like you, I completely agree with your words. I'm not a bit ashamed of my artist and I believe it's a blessing to join this fandom. I think BTS's value is still underrated. Fans will all understand. High talented and valuable they are. This makes it more frustrating ㅠㅠ anyway thank you very much for researching then  writing a post here and not letting them incite you. You post really comforts the Eppis here at fantalk +27 -0

3. thank you. Anyway, Eppis, they said they're going to create a mess on Best Talk ranking from afternoon today so please grab your mental. +26 -2
(this comment was posted on 11.21) 

4. "BTS is too valuable to be criticized by just numbers" thank you so much and thank you for not letting them incite you.. +7 -0

5. Thank you for the comforting words. Thank you for not letting them incite you and also for writing a post here on Fantalk +4 -0

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