[PANN] 161121 !! Must Read !! Let's check the list of things we need to do for our BTS!

1. 24 hour streaming (+ purchasing songs and mvs doubles the effect)
(you can mute the app, audio quality can be adjusted accordingly)

Things you need: Melon/Genie/Bugs/Mnet/Naver Music

(when you're creating the playlist, try to search each song in the music site)

The 1 hour must streaming playlist for BTS

2016 October 31st ver, Gaon Novemeber 1st week~ 

1. BST
3. Begin
4. Lie 
5. Stigma
6. First Love
7. BST
8. Reflection
10. Awake
11. Lost
12. BST
13. FIRE
14. Am I Wrong
15. 21st Century Girl
16. 2! 3!

Please select 전체반복 (loop) and stream for 24 hours

This applies to people who stream on PC as well!

1) If you see "DFC" or "MP3" instead of that musical note mark, it means you're not streaming properly so delete the song from the playlist and add it again

2) Do not fast forward the song 

3) Select 전체반복

4) Click on the heart

5) Deselect 셔플 (shuffle)

6) Deselect EQ

Now Eppis who use Melon please check your Melon App setting!

Go to 환경설정 and click change the settings like the above screenshots, this will allow you to create a playlist and your streaming will not be interrupted! But you should occasionally check if your streaming is working

And on PC too, usually after 5 hours the streaming stops so please keep checking the program/app

You can get free streaming passes from Naver so please check this out if you can't buy Melon passes!

2. Vote daily

1) MAMA: http://mama.mwave.me/vote 
(how to create one-time use email address http://ruu.kr/ TUTORIAL)

Choose BTS in Boy group/Best Dance Performance (Boy group)/ Best Music Video/ Artist of the Year/ Song of the Year and give your star/s to BTS 

You can also sign up using your email address, Kakaotalk, Facebook, Twitter.
You can vote 10 times using one IP address!

2) Melon Weekly Award http://www.melon.com/melonaward/weekAward.htm
Vote for BTS

Daily per user - Eppis who didn't purchase streaming passes can vote once, Eppis who have purchased streaming passes can vote 3 times!

3) MAMA China http://http//www.iqiyi.com/yule/2016mama.html

Vote for BTS

You can vote without signing in
You can vote 5 times every day using 1 IP. (There's time difference with China so keep that in mind)

4) Fandom School (서울가요대상 - Fandom School award) : (you can't vote using Iphone) search for "Fandom School Beta) (팬덤스쿨 Beta) on Google App Store and download on Android

Vote for BTS

You can vote 10 times using 1 ID, 10 chocos will be used for 1 vote
You can collect chocos from choco boxes = Orange color box (11 chocos) Mint box (10 chocos)
Run the app every day at 12AM KST and you will earn 5 orange boxes. (you can usually vote 5 to 6 times every day)
You can also earn Mint boxes by recharging (watching ads)

3) Music video streaming
(Make sure you're streaming on Bighit's official channel or on 1theK's)

Things you'll need: Chrome/ Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera

(Repeat) Search 피 땀 눈물 without signing in -> play the entire video -> look up for videos you could increase the view (ex: FIRE, Boy in Luv) -> play the music video until the end -> delete your history (ctrl +shift + Del) -> Close the browser
(↑They might not count the views if we only keep streaming Blood Sweat & Tears)

1. It's a must not to sign in
2. Search for 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears)
3. Deselect auto play
4. Select 720 or above
5. Make sure the volume is +50%
6. Do not touch the bar
7. No adblock
8. No Secret mode or Inprivate mode
9. No playlist
10. Don't open many tabs on the same browser to stream (use different browsers)

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