[PANN] 161123 They just won't congratulate BTS whenever they accomplish something

I haven't seen people congratulating them when they set records on Billboard, appear on the news, become the fastest Kpop group to reach N million views on Youtube, sell most number of albums or even when they win an award...
It seems like they somehow drag them down...

"go to other countries if you're so famous globally"
"what's the big deal about Billboard chart?"
"they did sajaegi"
"why did they win the album of the year award?"
"BTS is a nugu group"

well... I don't know what to say...

We should congratulate them for winning the recent award but this is sad...

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1. Karma will get you. Seriously karma will come and hit your heads one day really hard. Anticipate for real. +244 -51

2. But you can't enter Billboard Main chart without actually promoting in the US. BTS debuted at 26 on 200 Chart (it's not the main but they competed against global singers like Adele). This is amazing. How could you say they're in the middle rankㅠ they're in the top +212 -16

3. But I saw more people congratulating them on Naver articles... well, antis are everywhere ㅜ +188 -27

4. Some argued they entered the Billboard by sajaegi so Billboard staff addressed them 

+102 -2

5. It's true that BTS is underrated... +92 -7

6. what are they even talking about +90 -6

Henry asked, "who is Bangtan?"
he said fans from other countries don't know Bangtanㅋ
but he said BTS is daebak 
ㄴHenry-nim is so cute.... 
(T/N: He was joking how BTS is more famous as "BTS" than "Bangtan Sonyeondan")

7. When BTS said their goal is to win Dasang people said they shouldn't even dream about it because the winner of the award has been chosen already, saying things like "you guys think you can surpass us? don't make me laugh" and they slandered us so even we didn't talk about it and stayed quiet. I can still remember this clearly but BTS won the Daesang and fans cried with them. And now they're accusing BTS of stealing their award ㅋㅋㅋ when I see my artist and fellow fans being slandered I honestly want to attack you back without thinking about my singer's image but I'm controlling my anger because I'm afraid my actions would destroy my singer's reputation and I'm waiting for Melon's feedback. But seriously until when should we be attacked? We're so happy being fangirls/boys but you guys are really making us upset. Your actions will strike you back. Wait for it. +87 -4

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