[PANN] 161123 What will happen when we get the award back (warning: extremely frustrating)

1. E*O L's greatest party
2. they'll shut up
3. we'll see posts like "e*o L's are harsh, they cried when they got the award" on enter-talk
4. we're going to see posts like 3) for few days and then people will tell us we're amazing for catching them
5. that person who said s/he's confident about their winning will feel awkward
6. they will delete all videos and photos they took after they won the award

+) we'll be honored(?) as the fandom who successfully won back their award after receiving feedback from Melon for the first time.

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Response +309 -33

1. The reversed award that wasn't awarded fairly in the Gayo Industry... this is f***ing cool +54 -3

2. that's right you're not supposed to award people equally. it's about awarding them fairly. +49 -3

3. but for no.5, he shouldn't feel awkward right? it's melon's fault and not theirs. +16 -0

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