[PANN] 161124 The other fandom reported their facts to the medias as much as they could but look at this article

The public and media don't hesitate to call this year as "the most beautiful moment" of BTS as they've achieved the best ever records. However, some argue that it's too early for us to use the term "the most beautiful moment" to BTS as they're still growing. We'd like to make a rebute which isn't really a rebute. BTS's "most beautiful moment in life" will continue for the next few years.

Yes, go on. we'll prove what we couldn't even prove during high school years.

Cr. http://m.kns.tv/news/articleView.html?idxno=260943&daum_check=#_adtep

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1. ㅋㅋㅋ this is the reality. The journalist is throwing facts at those who can't realize, " BTS's "most beautiful moment in life" will continue for the next few years." +34 -0

2. I'm sorry bae~~ +25 -0

3. Good yeah I'm good~ +21 -0

4. Clap clap +7 -0

5. Thank you for the confirmation. +6 -0

6. Let's stand by them so they can continue to grow bigger. They're still 3 years old. We have a long way to go. Let's really go until the end of the road. Eppis could be the reason why we're able to continue seeing BTS even when issues like this breakout. My singer, your singer, our singer, forever. Young Forever. +5 -0

(T/N: Eppi/이삐 is the nickname Jimin calls ARMYs. It means pretty/lovely (person not an adjective) and this is what PANN ARMYs call each other)

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