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Hello. This is BTS Fantalk. Before we begin, this is a refutation post by BTS Fantalk board against the incorrect information that's going around about "Album of the Year" award which was awarded to BTS at Melon Music Awards on November 19th (Saturday). We would like to state that this is not an official statement to replace Melon's feedback. And this is not an argument created by BTS fandom, this post was based on replies from Melon.

First of all, this is our refutation against the information provided by DC Inside EXO Gallery.

Questioning the credibility of Melon Chart that was caused by 2016 MMA

-About the Internal data mentioned by Melon-

1) Melon's reply regarding the awards ceremony

With various suspicions arising due to 2016 Melon Music Award, fans requested feedback from Melon head office including Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Korea Consumer Agency and all other sponsors of Melon Music Awards.

However, after a day, we received the following response from Melon.

The data used for the award ceremony is Melon's "Internal Data" which is different from the data from Melon's chart, therefore, we cannot reveal this data because it's only available internally.

2) "Internal Data" which wasn't mentioned in the criteria appears 

We will take a closer look to see if "internal data" mentioned by Melon is reasonable and the possible problems that will be caused if Melon admits the existence of internal data.

Artist award: Most popular artist
Album of the Year: Most popular album              <- Music score 70%, vote score 30%
Song of the Year: Most popular song
Rookie award: Most popular rookie     

According to the final decision criteria, it's 70% music score + 30% vote score. 
The music score means streaming + downloading and you can check these figures from the various charts provided by Melon.

Various charts include top 100, daily, weekly, monthly, trend, genre/style charts and Melon updates them regularly so users can check them whenever they want.

MMA is the largest domestic music award that is transparent and fair as we choose the winners through voting and data we have collected during the one year.

Thus, Melon Music Award has to choose their winners fairly based on the music score data and the votes as they have mentioned on their homepage.

However, Melon never informed the Melon users about the unofficial "internal data".

This was the information provided by DC Inside EXO Gallery.


Before we begin clarifying the above information, we'd like to provide information on "Internal" and "External" data which are causing the great debate. Also information regarding Big Data.

Many charts of Melon (Real time chart, 5-minute chart, Daily chart, Weekly chart, etc) are calculated realtime, hourly, daily and weekly according to the characteristic of its chart. However, the internal data does not exclude or separate repeated streamings and or data according to the characteristics of the charts. Internal record records the raw number of times the songs were streamed by the users.

To explain simply, it's like the following image.

Real time chart (repeated streaming x, even if you play the song 30 times in 1 hour, they still count only once)
MMA calculation (number of times the songs were streamed and downloaded)

EX) A - 100 fans listen to the song once every hour. | B - 50 fans listen to the song 3 times every hour

Real time chart  = A (100) > B (50) = A wins
MMA Calculation = A (100) > B (150) = B wins

This is the transcribe of the telephone conversation the writer of this post (as the head of Fantalk) had with the Customer Center chief.

M: Yes.

A: So does this mean that the way Melon calculates for MMA is different form the way chart rankings are calculated?

M: Ah, yes that is right. We don't separate external and internal data but basically, if we look at the real-time chart this chart shows real-time results whereas Daily charts show results every 24 hours. These charts are added up to make Weekly chart and so on. However, for Awards, we don't have rules like counting only one stream every hour or 1 stream per day. We look at the total number of times these songs were streamed without any limitation and the number of times they were downloaded. Based on these scores, we calculate 40 and 60 of streaming and downloading.

A: That means...
M: So... yes, please continue.

A: Ah, so I mean. What you're saying is that it includes repeated streaming, right?

M: Yes. That is right.

A: Hmm... but from what we saw, EXO won the No.1 place more often. When an artist tops Real-time chart many times they get their name on the "Hall of Fame", right?

M: Hm, yes. You're right.

A: But the reason why BTS won the award is...  Do you mean that without excluding repeated streamings, BTS received a higher score because people continuously listened to their songs?

M: Yes. That's right. For the awards, it's quite difficult to compare the total accumulated no. of streamings with getting their name in the "Hall of Fame". Yes, just like how we have answered your question the number of total streaming and downloading reflects the result.

A: So are you sure there is nothing like internal data?

M: Yes, that is right. We don't keep a separate data as internal data. That internal data is what Melon uses to calculate music scores but our expression wasn't clear enough and it's causing misunderstandings. The standard of internal data. The winners weren't selected based on different standards or anything like that.


The truth we learn from the above conversation is as follows.

Internal Data, External Data

Internal data was not the term used by Melon but when they had to talk about this issue, it was a word that came up during the conversations. It's the same for External data as well. Internal data = the total number of streaming and the songs preferred and searched often by users, which is only available to Melon and it's not possible for outsiders to look at this data. External data is the external charts available to its users and these charts are presented by Melon based on their internal data.

Furthermore, it's true that external data and internal data are all same data. However, the difference is that internal data is raw and it nothing has been excluded whereas external data is data filtered accordingly from internal data.

A. In the beginning, the CCAs said BTS scored higher when Melon summed all internal data, music scores and votes than EXO and explained that was why they won the award.

M: Yes.

A: But according to the information we received from the day before and yesterday's phone calls... we were told that internal data is the total of music score and voting score.

M: Hm, yes that is right.

A: So does that mean there is no specific "internal data" but internal data you keep is the record of the songs often listened to and searched by users, music score other scores and Melon did not create any other different internal data for this awards ceremony, right?

M: Yes. This internal data, this was a new term explained to us as well. After receiving the guideline, we knew this "internal data" is a word that can easily cause misunderstanding when we inform our customers. It was quite... it was a confusing expression but Melon does not have separate "internal and external data". The standard of the data is what customers can see, the total of music score and voting score. But this data is calculated inside Melon so that was why we used the term "internal" but we believe this caused confusion. However, this data is not something different. 70% and 30% were considered for the awards. But for music score, 40% streaming and 60% downloading were reflected and this was the data calculated inside Melon so we called it "internal data"... but in reality there is no difference in standard and no other data has been replaced. We checked using the same data.

A: Hm....

We need to pay attention here. As you can see in the above image, the music score of MMA was calculated using the internal data. MMA does not exclude repeated streamings and the total number of repeated streaming was never revealed by Melon. Also, Gaon Chart shows the overall music score from Melon, Genie Music, Mnet and many other sites. However, for this awards ceremony the winners were selected solely based on the number of streaming on Melon. Therefore, the chart that is used by DC Inside EXO Gallery and many others as evidence is irrelevant with this award ceremony.

Next is an explanation of Big Data.

Big Data is literally the big data of Melon that contains every data. If they reveal this to the public, they might violate their users' privacy and cause many other damages.

However, security and violation of privacy are the problems of Big Data. Big Data compiles a large amount of personal information. Therefore, it might look like a Big Brother collecting personal and private information of its users while they analyze and collect Big Data. And if the data they've collected gets leaked due to security problems, this will expose information of many users and create problems.


Of course, Melon did reveal a part of their Big Data before.

(highlighted) "We received thousands of streaming every day. However, we can provide reports to our partners with refined factors using this enormous traffic. "

However, as the article tells us Melon revealed their Big Data to Melon partner companies and entertainment companies including their artists and not to the public. Also, the reason why Melon revealed this Big Data was to help the partners and entertainment companies to share contents with their fans or to use it to improve their marketing.

If we summarize Big Data, it's something like this

What is Big Data?
It's too large and complex than traditional data that it's difficult to use previous methods, tools to collect, save, search, analyze, etc. It's a set that is structured and unstructured

The problem of Big Data

Privacy is the key problem of Big Data.
Violation and security are important. Big Data is a collection of information of many individuals. If this data leaks due to security issue, this means all information will be exposed and it will lead to problems.

Based on the information we've seen so far, we can accurately explain the two hypotheses of DC Inside EXO Gallery.

If there is an internal data other than their criteria

Music score 70% Vote 30%  + Internal Data? = criteria

They announced that the criteria are music score + votes which add up to 100 already but if they included "internal data" which wasn't mentioned in their notice

This means from the beginning the criteria was music score + vote score + internal data.
And although they considered "internal data" from the beginning, they did not inform this to the Melon users.


If there is an internal data other than music score standard

Download 60% Streaming 40% + Internal data? = music score standard

For fair voting, they revealed the number of votes and percentage during the voting period so we could assume that internal data was included in the music score although they did not mention this.

However, Melon clearly said all charts reflected streaming 40% + Download 60% and they didn't mention any internal data.
In other words, Melon did not inform about their internal data to its users.



They argued that it was unfair because Melon did not inform its users of different criteria. But for both situations, they mentioned data which cannot be revealed to the public and this will only be valid if the internal data is a separate data. However, Melon does not have any different internal data to establish their assumptions. In conclusion, it was wrong to talk about internal data as if it a separate data.

As we have mentioned in the introduction, we can't provide accurate feedback because we're not Melon and we're just BTS fans, ARMYs from BTS fan talk board. We're not writing this post to replace the feedback provided by Melon. We wanted to explain the misunderstandings. 

Also, even BTS fantalk members sincerely wish to hear a speedy feedback from Melon. However, "complaint" means a statement that something is unsatisfactory or unacceptable so if we complain it would only mean we're admitting to the fact that BTS didn't deserve the award so BTS fantalk members will do our best to ask Melon instead of filing complaints. 

Thank you for reading the long post.

Original post here
Response +1220 -482

1. Stop trying to incite the users here, BTS fans. So you mean EXO Gall's chart is irrelevant because it's Gaon Char? what about this? This is Melon's official weekly trend album chart, ever since the day of Young Forever release until the October 4th week. If you think this is gossip please go check the screenshots here. You can see the weekly album chart applied here, right? It says "Weekly usage of songs from the albums, streaming 40% + Download 60%". Weekly chart compares songs from the album but weekly album trend chart compares the albums. so it's not FIRE VS Monster but Young Forever VS EX'ACT. It's different from weekly chart. I'm saying this before because I know you will mention "it's until the 4th week of October" but that was the score we collected during the 5 months so please don't think it's possible to surpass that 5 month score within 3 weeks. And you guys argue that weekly album trend chart is not the accumulated result so according to you weekly album trend chart shows new result every week? not the total result? then how will you explain that they scored higher than EX'ACT when they score lower every week? Right now BTS fans are using sources from a Twitter account but that account owner got caught making up stories and s/he deleted their tweet in 2 hours. Right now EXO fans are saying the truth but BTS fans are pretending to be logical and there is no fact. The only fact is that they spoke to the Melon call center agent. +695 -647 
ㄴ even people from the same fandom filters comments from their members ㅋ +14 -0
wow look at ex12o fantalk on nate? wow f*** the way they speak sound like ilbe users. I think someone should report them for defamation...what do I do I'm confused 

ㄴoh you f***ing dumb sh*t please read the post properly. don't prove to us that you haven't read it before commenting you moron +7 -0
ㄴ so I'd like to know the source of your facts? +14 -0
ㄴcall center agents did say different things but none of them said EXO scored higher ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +8 -4

2. Hello. This is fantalk ARMY. We mentioned Zico and Big Bang in our refutation post about MMA but it was our mistake to mention other artists without thinking careful thinking. We apologize to the artists who were mentioned in this awful incident. We are sincerely sorry. Also, we apologize to other fandoms who were upset due to our mention. We will not mention other artists with bad intention and as fantalk ARMY, we'd like to inform you that it might be trolls pretending to be us if you see people claiming to be us and mentioning other artists with bad intention +663 -184

3. In the end, BTS is the owner of Album of the Year award. +285 -119

4. wow they're already nailing with downvotes. Please read the post without showing us that you dislike BTS +266 -75

5. look at them pressing the downvote without reading the post.. are you still denying that BTS won the award? wow you guys are hilarious +219 -44

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