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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Group BTS won the glory of winning their first Daesang after debut.

On 19th, BTS won the "Album of the Year" award, one of the three Daesangs and the Top 10 award at "2016 Melon Music Awards".

BTS set their first foot in the Gayo industry with their debut song "No More Dream" in 2013 June and after 3 years since their debut, BTS had the pleasure of winning their first Daesang.

After the awards ceremony, BTS members shared their thoughts and gratitude to their fans. Suga said, "We will repay our ARMYs who have given us this wonderful award with better album and performance." and expressed his gratitude. Jin said, "Thank you for giving us the chance to shed joyful tears. I hope we can make ARMYs happy because of us.".

Jungkook expressed, "I never imagined we'd win the Daesang. I'm grateful to ARMYs who made it possible and to everyone who supported us from beside us.", V also thanked the fans, "I never thought ARMYs would present us with such wonderful award. I'm forever grateful and I will always work hard and love you forever.".

Jimin said, "I believe we always make things possible with ARMYs. Thank you so much for today and let's continue creating more beautiful memories together.", J Hope also said, "I love our ARMYs the most for giving us this wonderful award. You guys won the award too so let's laugh together.".

Lastly, Rap Monster expressed his gratitude, "It was a wonderful award which took away all pain and worries of this year. Even we are aware of the effort we made to create our album so "Album of the Year" means a lot to us. I feel bad to ARMYs because it seems like only we got the glory when we worked hard together. We would like to give this glory to our ARMYs.".

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Response +421

1. They really speak sweetly. I support you!! +640 -14 

2. BTS grows every time they release an album and I think it's safe for us to say that they're one of the top 3 groups who show their growth +619 -16

3. You guys worked hard ㅠㅠ My heart ached to see them cry and I choked too. Let's walk only on flower road +579 -16

4. You guys really achieved something with your blood, sweat and tears... I'm proud and I love you.. Thank you for giving us great music to listen to.. BTS forever~ +544 -15

5. Blood sweat and tears~ +467 -12

6. You guys made me buy an album after 20  years at my age... You guys are the best and congrats♥ Your album quality is peerless and it makes me feel bad for not buying them earlier... I used to look down on idols but you showed me a new world and I sometimes use all my energy searching you on Youtube but I still love you ㅎㅎ I can't find happiness in this messed up world but I'm smiling because of you... There are many fans who are old like me. I hope you continue to create masterpieces~~ +148 -6

7. Congrats~ It was nice to watch you guys working hard and I realized how much effort you all made when you shed tears. Congrats, congrats~~ +136 -5

8. My proud singer BTS. Let's fly higher. I love you and thank you and congrats! +135 -6

9. Congrats on winning the Daesang with your blood, sweat and tears~!! +120 -2

10. Congrats again ^-^ +129 -6

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

BTS joined many global pop stars like Beyonce, Kanye West, Adele, Drake, and Norah Jones in the charts. Their second full album "WINGS" which released on 10th of last month entered "Billboard 200" which is one of Billboard's main charts and they achieved the highest ranking as Korean artist and proved their potential by remaining in the main chart for 2 consecutive weeks.

We need to pay attention to that fact that BTS was able to accomplish this result on the main chart and not on the "World Album Chart". BTS competed against global musicians and they proudly got their name on the chart with an album that contains Korean and not English songs and this is unquestionably encouraging.

Why is BTS receiving so much love from around the world? We asked the secret behind their popularity to CEO Bang Sihyuk of Bighit Entertainment who personally selected and raised BTS members.

"Splendid performance and attractive visual and their genre of songs which really blends well with the global trend for the Westerners to listen comfortably, I think I could say that those could be the reasons. Also, I think the fact that BTS expresses their own contemporary story which is unusual in typical KPOP, and interacting with their fans on platforms like Twitter, and Youtube which can be easily accessed by people all over the world could be the reasons."

CEO Bang Sihyuk's strategy perfectly hit the target. Ever since before their debut, BTS continuously talked about the reality in the eyes of their peers and the listeners found their work relatable. The group represented their peers and expressed the stories through their music and they received favorable responses and in this journey, their fandom firmly unified. They expressed hip hop genre in their own style and they found their own trendy and sophisticated colors.


CEO Bang also pointed out that BTS members immensely participate in their album and the sense of responsibility of members to carry out their duty in the group as the strength of the group.

"The strong point BTS members is that all members participate in composing, lyric writing, and producing, furthermore, the members are aware of their role in the group. Also, I think their commitment to carry out their part 100% for their group is a (strong) point."

These made their fans tighten up more. From their teenager like image, BTS has grown up into young men who can sing about "youth" and their fandom who stayed beside supporting them during this course developed a strong and solid bond with the artist. Hence, this made it possible for BTS to show tremendous power of entering the Billboard main chart.

However, CEO Bang Sihyuk has no plans of any official debut in the US (producing an album with only English songs and actively promoting in the US). He believes that BTS maximized their strength as KPOP artist and that made it possible for them to be where they are today. He expressed that they will be concentrating on growing as KPOP artist even in the future.

"I think the recognition received by KPOP artist from US mainstream market for their one genre due to the increase in the scale of KPOP market is different from making an official debut in the US market to compete against mainstream singers, the starting points of these two situations are extremely different."

"BTS has their strength as KPOP artist and I believe they reached where they're today by maximizing this point so we plan to continue focusing on their growth as KPOP artist. We'd be grateful when BTS is able to enter the US mainstream chart if the attention they receive now doesn't end here but I think it's overreaching for us to officially prepare for overseas expansion."

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Response +140

1. They're great. I hope you continue to show great performance like now. +105 -1

2. yes... I believe that Bang PD has good reasons to think that they shouldn't make any hasty decisions to enter the US market when they're receiving great responses and good results!! I think you are preparing a bigger picture for them~ You created BTS with delightful concepts so you would take them to a bigger stage when you're satisfied with their performance someday. Of course, the members have improved a lot already but we still wish to see BTS like now than in other countries. +92 -0

3. Thank you for raising BTS. Bang PD-nim, you'll be blessed  +83 -0

4. As expected, Bang Sihyuk is smart. +71 -1

5. I honestly wish BTS will continue to sing Korean songs even when they go to the US!! Just like how we enjoy listening to English songs, I hope this happens to BTS too!! ^^ I wish BTS to become the singer who will make the listeners search for their lyrics!! +25 -0

6. Why can't I see articles like this on the main page? ㅠㅠ +24 -0

7. Bang Sihyuk-nim is very thoughtful and smart!! +20 -0

8. As expected from Bang PD-nim. He's not an impulsive person. I think it's important for BTS to focus on solidifying their currently large international hardcore ARMYs while maintaining the colors of BTS as KPOP artist rather than creating an album to target the US. +20 -0

9. BTS is really amazing. They're cool +17 -0

Sunday, 25 December 2016

Group BTS continues to top the charts with their latest song "Blood Sweat & Tears". After successfully lining the music charts with their new songs which released on 10th, BTS is still remaining in the top ranks of music charts, topped US iTunes Top Album Chart and they were the first K pop group to reach 10 million views in the shortest time. They are literally marching with records. And after watching Yoo Jaesuk X EXO stage on MBC "Infinity Challenge", Park Myungsoo sent out a love call to BTS. The group is mentioned many times every day.

On 13th, BTS sat down with Xportsnews at Mnet "MCountdown" waiting room to share their thoughts about their first comeback stage, their gratitude for being able to set records and to send a thank you message to "Infinity Challenge" Park Myungsoo for sending them a love call. The following are a series of questions and answers with BTS.

◆How do you feel about your first comeback stage?

(J Hope) We're really excited to perform at a music show in 5 months. We really want to show our stage soon. I wish we could show the results of our efforts made with our blood, sweat and tears.

(Jin) We got the opportunity to perform "21st century girl" on stage. I'm very happy to be able to meet our fans at music show after a long time. I'm grateful to the fans who came to support us during early morning pre-recording.

◆You guys attempted concept with your new song

(Jimin) I think this is going to be the first time seeing the concept properly on stage. We wish we could express them as coolly as we've imagined to. I hope we could bring out sexy charms to fit the concept of our song.

◆You are setting new records every day. What was the most pleasant achievement?

(V) It was our first time seeing our songs line up on music chart. We were happy to see our previous title track "FIRE" enter the music chart again and I thought "Our fans are really supporting us a lot.".

(Rap Monster) I personally believe that we will do well in other countries only if we do well in Korea. I was honestly worried before our comeback because in reality boy groups don't show much power on major music charts like Melon. I always worried about things like "what should we do for the public to listen to our music?", "what could we do to climb on the music charts?". 3 days have passed since we've released our new album but our songs still remain in top 10 and our results are better compared to our previous album. That means a lot to us, And we are also happy about the result we achieved in US iTunes chart. We can't believe it's real at the moment but winning the 1st place in the biggest music market in the world makes us happy. Lastly, it's how quickly we were able to reach 10 million views on Youtube. We heard that we are the second fastest artist to reach the record after senior PSY. Since we are accomplishing good results quickly, we're happy because it feels like we're achieving something new one at a time.

◆ What could  be the secret behind these good results and favorable reviews?

(Suga) During our 3 years, we gradually showed what we can do. I believe that our growth is reasonable to the public and to our fans. Honestly, I'm sure there would had been people who didn't feel comfortable about our musical colors or our team name but I think we tried to convince them little by little. We need to convince them more. That is our duty.

(Rap Monster) I think K-POP has turned into a special and unique culture. I think there's a complex factor that can't be explained through music and performance. I'm sure there are other reasons why people from other countries like us but I think they like to see us working hard and doing our best to do music.

◆What was the most memorable good review you heard while you tried to persuade the public and not your fans?

(Jin) Honestly we can't help but focus more on our fans' responses. Most comments are written by our fans so it's hard for us to personally listen to the public's opinion. If I just look solely at my friends, my friend's friend doesn't know any song by BTS or when we made our comeback and this is the truth.

(Jimin) There's a review that I liked. I carefully watched the responses for the first time since our new album is doing well. Then I saw a comment that said "I'm not a fan of BTS but I really accept that this (album) is good.". I was happy. I thought "Will Rap Monster hyung feel less distressed this time?".

(Suga) I always see comments like "This song isn't better than their previous song". During "I NEED U" and "RUN" we received good responses but for "FIRE" it was "not so good" or comments like "I liked FIRE but I don't like this song.".  I think the public hasn't still opened their hearts for us. It's our duty to capture our fans and the public.

◆ Recently Park Myungsoo revealed on MBC "Infinity Challenge" that he would like to perform with BTS on stage.

(J Hope) I'm a big fan of "Infinity Challenge". I was happy when our group name was mentioned on a show I always enjoy watching to. I thought "BTS has grown so much" and this made me happy. Actually we met Park Myungsoo many times. We met him at the airport and he's a person who really loves music. He also gave musical advice to us.

(Suga) I heard he has a workspace at his home. His very passionate about music. I think he is an amazing person.

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Response +348

1. It (collaboration stage) was only possible because it was God Yoo... +1032 -105

2. I like you Myungsoo hyung but if you are going to complain and then get mad during practices I think it's better for you not to do this (project)+543 -35

3. BTS didn't even say they want to appear on Infinity Challenge. They just talked about their comeback and this was just a short question yet the journalist is attracting Attention Seekers with the title. I thought BTS talked only about Infinity Challenge during this interview. +122 -5

4. They just said they are fans of Infinity Challenge. How could you call that a reply to his love call... +88 -1

5. Park Myungsoo mentioned them first on Infinity Challenge and said he wants to collaborate with them and BTS just replied they're happy to be mentioned so why are you leaving negative comments? ㅋㅋ+106 -8

6. Blood Sweat & Tears, fighting! +103 -7

Friday, 23 December 2016

"Our songs lined up on the chart for the first time and this really moved us."

They are setting records every day. Boy group BTS's power is amazing. They're setting greatest records since their debut after releasing their second full album "WINGS" on 10th. They achieved an all kill with the title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" and they also displayed magnification performance by lining the music chart with the songs from their album. Of course, BTS made endless effort to hit such "daebak".

BTS is topping the music charts of Korea and international music charts every day with their new album. They accomplished securing the first place in 97 music charts (domestic and international). Their constant growth in the lst three years made it possible for the group to receive such explosive responses. Members are greatly touched by "setting a line" in the music chart for the first time.

With their comeback stage ahead of them, BTS met with OSEN and the members seemed to be nervous and excited for their comeback stage. The group made a pleasant start by meeting their fans during the pre-recording.

The music charts shook together with BTS's comeback. They also received great attention from other countries and made several new records but the members were especially happy about lining the music chart with their songs as this was their first time since debut. Lining the music chart with new songs is harder than winning No. 1 place in the chart but BTS was able to line up their songs in every chart.

Jimin said, "Compared to all our previous albums, this album achieved the best result." and expressed his gratitude. V revealed, "It was our first time seeing our album songs lining up in the music chart. This was very touching. Even "FIRE" climbed up the chart and I'm very touched by the great effort made by our fans." Members emphasized their gratitude to their fans who showed them great responses.

BTS also won the 1st place on iTunes charts in 27 countries. Their "Blood Sweat & Tears" music video available on Youtube reached ten million views in 41 hours, making them the second fastest artist to reach 10 million views after PSY.

Rap Monster revealed his honest thoughts by saying, "We are a group that began in Korea. We believe that we will only do well in other countries when we are able to support ourselves in Korea. We were very worried because in reality boy groups aren't strong in major music charts. We were worried about what we had to do to make others listen to our songs. Lining up the chart with our songs was amazing too but being able to remain in the top 10 spots when almost 3 days have passed makes us happy. Our songs used to top the chart but they would be pushed away from top 10 places."

He also added his thoughts about iTunes and Youtube results, "iTunes Chart is the biggest market internationally so ranking 1st place in 27 countries feels like a dream and we're very happy. And we're also happy to be the second fastest artist after senior PSY in reaching 10 million views on Youtube."

To achieve all these records, BTS went through good times and bad times since their debut. BTS members also emphasized that they were not able to achieve these results in one day but it took them more than 3 years.

Suga said, "We think we took a step at a time for the last 3 years to show what we can do. I believe that this moment is reasonable to our fans and the public."

BTS revealed during the comeback press conference that they would like to become a team that soars up just like their album title "WINGS". They have prepared well for their rise so we can't help but look forward to their soar with anticipation.

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Response +26

It was a hectic one-month long parade. After releasing their second album "WINGS" on October 10th, seven-member idol group BTS shook US Billboard chart and many other international music charts. From overseas to Korea, their achievements were bigger than an actual victory. BTS was the first Korean singer to debut at #26 on "Billboard 200" (album chart). Billboard 200 ranks the albums based on the overall quality of the album. and in 2014 girl group 2NE1 set the highest record by ranking at #61. Billboard published several articles focusing on "Bangtan phenomena" and said, "BTS hit a new land for the scene with no songs in English, no U.S promotion.". BTS ranked No. 6 on Youtube Music Global Top 100 Artist chart (October 7th~13th). They scored higher than Australian singer-songwriter Sia (8th) and Ariana Grande (9th).

Is BTS starting a new chapter of K POP in their 4th year? We asked the secret to global popularity to the seven BTS members and Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk who produced the group in Seoul Nonhyeon-dog Practice room.

There were several suitcases lying around BTS's practice room. This proved the busy schedules of 4th-year idol group who travel around the world, competing with global singers. There was a massage chair in one corner of the room. This chair was used by Jimin before we began the interview and they said it was a gift they received from Naver. It was a prize for reaching 3,360,000 followers on Naver V App which also meant they had the most number of followers.

Rap Monster (22), Suga (23), Jin (24), J Hope (22), Jimin (21), V (21), and Jungkook (19). The seven-member group BTS has an extraordinary communication strategy. They show their fans their cool image on stages and they regularly reveal their moments behind the stage. They regularly uploaded short videos, "Bangtan Bomb" ever since their debut days on their Youtube channel. These videos captured the daily lives of members at the waiting room, dorm, playing around at their practice room and the members also spoke about their concerns.

BTS was formed with the concepts like your next door oppa, younger brother, or someone like your friend, "Let's become a hero who people can lean on and not an idol group who is like a fake idol.". Member Suga said, "We didn't exaggerate or hide our personalities, instead we continued uploading our true selves on Youtube and SNS. Our company didn't ask us to create them, we created these videos because we wanted to and we enjoy making them.".

The members have been living together for 7 years since their trainee days and their candid personalities excited the fans from around the world in real time. BTS's "push and pull" skill is outstanding, they're like a celebrity to their fans but they're also like their friends. Rap Monster added, "BTS is the group that benefited the most from media. When we begin our live broadcast on Naver V App, even fans from Brazil can watch us in HQ in real time so I think we have the means to promote globally and not just in Korea.". They chose to build their fandom by communicating with global fans on SNS, taking a step further than their senior K-POP idols who release their songs to the fans around the world via Youtube.

They didn't become popular immediately after their debut. Many people expressed how childish their group name "BTS" sounded. They cowered because they weren't from the big entertainment companies.

"Before our debut, I went to a senior's concert with Suga, Jungkook, and J Hope. The concert was held at Gymnastics Arena in Seoul Jamsil and on our way home after the concert, we all said, "I wouldn't want anything more if we get to perform at such place.". But we did perform at the Arena last May. Our idea turned into a reality." (Rap Monster)

During their early debut days, Suga, Rap Monster, and J Hope were the members who usually created their music. But all members participated in making of their new album. "Inspiring each other" wasn't something they said for the sake of formality. Youngest member Jungkook said, "I began to naturally learn since all of them (older members) make music.". Jimin said, "The older members made me realize that making music is enjoyable.".

BTS's music is a series of storytelling. They released "School trilogy", "Youth trilogy" and other series albums and they picked the story of youth as their topic. They don't just talk about the beauty of youth but they also approached things like "school violence", "entrance exams" and "spine breaker". Suga said, "We tried our best to talk about relatable stories and stories we can share with people around our age.". He continued, "The pain or unstableness of youth, we captured things like the flaws in the present situation.".

Their honest stories worked in the other countries too. In the Billboard column which analyzed BTS's popularity secret, they stated, “The group blends ­individual artistry, which is what the U.S. ­audience expects in their music, and the K-pop system, which focuses more on the group sound and teamwork, BTS has something to say, and has a great ­marketing strategy that doesn’t alienate non-Korean-speaking fans.”.

After their school and youth series, BTS expressed the temptation/conflicts faced by youths in their new album. Their title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" was inspired by Hermann Hesse's novel "Demian". The music video of this song reached 40 million views in just 3 weeks. If so, what could be the biggest temptation faced by BTS who maintains hectic schedule every day? The seven lips replied with one voice. It was the sound of youths in the 20s.

"We don't know if we should get more sleep or we should do something else. Would it be a better idea to sleep 4 hours instead of 5 and then spend an hour cleaning my room? ah, I have to diet too and that's also my concern."

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Response +13
Take out with full credits!

1. Because they are a group that produces music with true meanings, they don't just have an idol fandom. I don't understand why Koreans denigrate them saying they're not popular. There are middle-aged people who recognize BTS. I'm always grateful to you guys for including great songs in your albums and I already trust listening to your music. It was really nice to see you promote hard for a month and I was happy because of your music. I will always support you. +219 -1

2. One of the biggest reason why I started stanning BTS is because of their great music ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I will do my best to support and repay you. Fighting!! +173 -1

3. BTS~ You guys worked hard and you did well until the last stage~ ARMYs, we shouldn't stop now! We need to continue voting, streaming and watching their music video to increase the views. Let's give them a prize as an end of the year present +136 -1

4. Thank you so so much for always doing your best and for taking care of your fans. Let's stay together forever. I will support you +134 -1

5. BTS, you worked hard!! Thank you for doing your best to create music. Fighting! +128 -1

6. They are a group with healthy thoughts. We could have realized if this is their concept because we've seen them countless times on live broadcasts and videos but there's nothing unnatural about this group and that is why I like them. In my opinion. they are handsome as Koreans. The quality of their music and choreography is daebak and they do their best to give hope and comfort their fans and youths. They have sweet hearts and I think I like them more because they're a group that really tries to do everything sincerely. +31 -0

7. They are a cool team with clear thoughts. I trust listening to BTS's music!! I will support you always~~ +28 -0

8. It's BTS who you trust listening to. +28 -0

9. My singer who I can't praise enough♡ I hope you guys continue to have healthy thoughts and warm hearts like now even when you turn 30 or 40 and forever remain as ARMY's singer♡ +21 -0

10. It's J Hope and not K Hope +21 -0

(I can't find K Hope in the article so I guess the journalist corrected it already? XD)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

When group BTS first appeared in the K POP industry, no one was convinced of their success. The small company boys filled with spirit to perform their self composed songs on stage made it possible for them to reach where they are today. Only with their talents and effort.

BTS debuted in 2013 with single album "2 COOL 4 SKOOL". They threw their name into the KPop industry with the title track "No More Dream".  When they first debuted they were nothing more than an idol group produced by composer Bang Sihyuk.

BTS usually performed hip hop tracks with strong sound and violent rapping. BTS actively targeted the manias instead of general popularity and they drew their own music world.

BTS began to solidify their own music world by composing and writing their own songs since their early debut days. The rapper line- Rap Monster, Suga and J Hope showed their musical ability by personally writing their rap verses and including self-composed and self-written songs in their albums.

BTS focused on strengthening the team's characteristic rather than creating various colors and different concepts like the groups that debuted around the similar period. They put hip hop as their musical genre and tried to create music that will capture the manias and the general public.

The group also created a story by continuing their concept. They sang about the teenager's dream, happiness and love during their "school trilogy" in their early debut days and later with their "HYYH" series they showed the images of mature youths compared to their young boy images. And their second album "WINGS" expressed the inner grown-ups of BTS who are shaken in their growing process.

BTS developed their own colors which can't be imitated by other groups and their fandom grew stronger. Fans can interact with BTS members during the group's inactive period with videos like "BANGTAN BOMB" on BTS's Youtube channel. They also made it easier for the fans to join their fandom by interacting on SNS and this acted as a bridge to gain general popularity.

They have been growing steadily and with their "HYYH" albums they captured both their fandom and the public and now they're one of the few trend groups. BTS's musicality helped them to get rid of "dirt spoon" title and rewarded them for their effort with a ticket to "trend" title while overcoming the planning abilities of large entertainment companies.

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Response +437

1. I think they're really awesome. I hope they continue to succeed~ +659 -54

2. They weren't my very favorite idol when they first debuted but their group name was eye catching so my eyes did follow them. I thought "Bulletproof Boy Scout" sounded like someone trying to sound extra tough but after listening to their songs, I began to understand the musicality they pursued. The musicality in their new song "Blood Sweat & Tears" and in other songs from the album contains more values than songs from idols. Just like what the article said, the dirt spoon became the trend and their musicality proved them to debut at #26 on Billboard 200. I don't see a reason why you shouldn't become their fan. +647 -63

3. Please continue to succeed... +537 -47

4. BTS, thank you for growing up like this. Let's only walk on flower road together. BTS, I love you♡3♡ +505 -46

5. I was like "huh?" when I first saw them on TV... I didn't know they'd become this big +441 -47

6. The planning and concept planning by their company are important factors behind BTS's success but more than any thing I think it's the passion each member has for music and the effort they made to interact with fans ever since before their debut on Youtube or SNS. I hope to continue seeing them succeed even more :) +151 -7

7. They took a step at a time from the very bottom.. I hope they succeed more. +141 -6

8. I can see them making effort. I think we found their songs relatable because they do their own music.+136 -5

9. I really liked them since they looked like babies and I feel so proud to see them grow up ㅜㅠ ! I'm a noona fan and I support you always^^ +138 -6

10. Like their song title, this is the "crystal" made by BTS's blood sweat and tears. +139 -7


Group BTS won the "Artist of the Year" award at "2016 MAMA" and solidified their position as the trend idol group in reality and in name.

BTS won "Best Dance Performance award for Boy group" and the "Artist of the Year" award which is one of the three Daesangs on the 2nd December at "2016 MAMA" which was held in Hong Kong Asia World Expo.

With this, BTS won their second Daesang after winning "Album of the Year" award at "Melon Music Awards" which was held on November 19th.

Through their entertainment company, BTS expressed, "This is our unbelievable second Daesang. This award should go to our ARMYs but we think we received it on behalf of them. We're sincerely grateful to the members who worked hard together, Bighit Entertainment family and above all our fans who presented this award to us.".

They continued, "We will never forget this overwhelming moment. We will repay all the support and compliments with good music and stages. We will work hard to become singers who will not make you embarrassed.".

BTS promoted actively this year after releasing their special album "HYYH Young Forever" in May and their second full album "WINGS" in October. They also debuted at No. 26 on US "Billboard 200" and ranked the highest as Korean singers on the chart. The group received love from listeners around the world and set the best records.

Meanwhile, Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk also won the "Best Producer" award on this day. This is his third award after "AAA" and "MMA".

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Response +103

1. BTS, congrats on winning the "Artist of the Year" award. I hope you will safely end your soon beginning world tour and let's win good awards next year too❤️ +198 -16

2. We've been here until now and we will continue to be the same. ARMYs won't feel that way♡♡ Congrats on winning the Daesang~~~~+153 -10

3. You never make us embarrassed even now. Our BTS won the award. Some said you guys won't be able to achieve this since debut but they were wrong. BTS reached here with so much effort so how can you ever fail? As a debut fan, I'm very proud and I'm grateful. ㅜㅜ Thank you for letting me know about HYYH. Being with you is our most beautiful moment in life and we shed blood, sweat and tears but I hope we have better days in the future! +160 -15

4. BTS I will always love you and support you❤️ today's wonderful stage... it gave me a heart attack and Eat Jin oppa, happy birthday +144 -14

5. The members looks great in the photo ㅎ V is so cute ㅎㅎ congrats +121 -13

6. I realized that your stage will not embarrass us no matter which part of the world you go to perform it. There aren't many singers who excel in both singing live and performance but you guys were cool +36 -2

7.  ah.. seriously there aren't many idols who think about their fans like them... I'm so happy to be ARMY. Oppas, congrats and I love you❤️❤️❤️ +35 -2

8. Congrats! This award is valuable to BTS because they really started from the bottom and shed blood, tears and sweat to win this award! Even ARMYs are proud and happy for you! +31 -1

9. Cool. I hope you will continue to enjoy making music and do your best just like now! Fighting!! +31 -2

10. Kim Seokjin, Kim Namjoon, Min Yonngi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Congrats on winning the Daesang ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ you guys really worked hard ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ +29 -2

Monday, 19 December 2016

BTS drew their sword against malicious rumors.

On 10th, BTS's company Bighit Entertainment made an official statement, "We would like to announce that from November 10th 2016, we will take strong legal actions against online malicious rumors, false information, personal attacking posts, and comments, etc that will harm the reputation of BTS members.".

Their company revealed that BTS members have been suffering due to this matter for a long time and announced that they have reached the point where they can't overlook some of these netizens' habitually distort facts and make personal attacks.

The company also announced that they will use all possible legal measures to deal with additional damages and defamation. Moreover, they are working to investigate the matter by collecting official materials necessary for the procedure.

What could be the reason behind BTS's decision? BTS had to suffer numerous rumors and malicious comments since their debut days. Starting with personal feelings like "I don't like his face" to "sajaegi" accusations. This is only their 4th year and it's true that they're taking serious action against the matter.

The sajaegi accusation began since their early debut days but this still continues today when they have reached the summit. Recently, BTS set a new record on Gaon Chart with their second full album "WINGS" and topped October Album Chart. However, some anti-fans criticized their achievement and accused them of "saejaegi" and demanded a feedback from the group's company. Their fans from all around the world revealed their receipts to prove their purchase on SNS and argued it wasn't saejegi but the anti-fans refused to hear their voices and closed their eyes.


Various rumors claimed by the anti-fans began to grow and it soon became a fan war. A part of them began to create character controversy of BTS and their fandom ARMY. They also screen captured a photo of one member with malicious intents and created a controversy which created a big fight between the fans.

The SNS platform is where the fans stay most active and this is also where they get into fights due to bad apples. In May, shameful words, curses, and slandering dominated the SNS because of the anti-fans right after BTS ended their concert.There's not doubt that BTS is not aware of this matter since they communicate with their fans on SNS and the fact that they thanked their fans during this hour.


Their actions might seem like immature behaviors of someone who is jealous of BTS's growth. However, it's clear that they have crossed their limit. Their company has realized this and they took action to investigate this matter.

To create a healthy fan culture on SNS where users can interact in real time, it's necessary to refrain from making thoughtless attacks. There is no doubt. To the speaker, it might be just a few words but your words can turn into thousands and tens of thousands of criticisms for the artist.

The accusations BTS received all this time will not disappear in "2, 3" by taking legal actions. However, we wish them to have much better days in the future.

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

If you ask "Which boy group recorded the most rapid growth this year" to any Gayo promoters, 8 to 9 out of 10 would answer "BTS" (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) and mention Bighit Entertainment. BTS released their second full album "WINGS" on October 10th. The album and the songs received favorable reviews and achieved good results from Youtube, Itunes Chart and many other charts. It looks like they've built a fine bridgehead to extend their popularity from Korea to worldwide.

Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk is behind BTS's achievements. He was one of the influential producers who produced hit songs like god's "Friday Night", Baek Jiyoung's "Like Being Hit By A Bullet" and 2AM's "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die". He successfully created an outstanding boy group, BTS. In the KPOP industry where one can't survive unless you're from the top companies, the result brought by Bighit's first boy group "BTS" is indeed encouraging.

Bighit Entertainment CEO Bang Sihyuk sat down for an interview with Xports to talk about the behind story of creating BTS and the changes he noticed in the KPOP industry in his years as a producer, and he also revealed his final goal and dream as a producer.

Question and answer session with Bang Sihyuk.

◈ BTS achieved good result with "Blood Sweat & Tears"

- Although I didn't expect their second full album "WINGS" to achieve good results, I also don't think they achieved these results only because they were lucky. The members have been taking a step at a time and the result of their constant growth is finally revealing to the public. The members will continue to show their improvements and I would like to thank everyone who gives them overflowing love and interest.

◈ What was the background and the priority behind creating BTS?

- I decided to create BTS at the beginning because of leader Rap Monster. I thought of making a hip hop group after watching Rap Monster's rap. I wanted to take a step further than a simple hip hop idol. I thought the members had to be able to talk about their own story. These thoughts continued to apply on BTS's music and it still hasn't changed. I wanted the group members to personally participate in composing and writing their own songs of course and also to produce and direct their own stage as well. We're gradually working to achieve these goals.

◈ We'd like to know if there were any Bang Sihyuk's philosophy or belief when you were casting the members.

- Before BTS's debut, I made a promise with the members. I told them as long as they trust in their teams' potential and do their best in their position, I would help them to become a team who will be recognized as producers. The members believed in my words and I did my best to keep my words. This didn't only apply before their debut, I have not forgotten this even now and I will continue to keep this belief in the future as well.

◈ This might be a typical question but what do you think is the secret behind BTS's success in Korea?

- It's the fact that they express relatable contemporary story. They don't make common love songs, instead, they interpret the worries and uneasiness of youths with the unique voices of BTS and I believe this is why people like them. And I would like to add, in the same context as creating relatable music, I think the friendly images of BTS members is also another reason. I also think the members' trying hard to communicate and interact with their fans is another reason.

◈ If so, could you say that the current BTS's fandom corresponds to the target you had while creating the group?

- As I've said before, BTS mainly singings songs about contemporary story. BTS members made use of SNS to interact with fans who are similar to their age.

◈ People often say "Miracle of small company" when they describe BTS. Do you like this statement or do you feel uncomfortable?

- I don't pay much attention to develop feelings like "like" or "hate" to this matter. However, when I consider the size of our firm and the number of employees we had at their debut, objectively I do think "small company" is true. But the expression "miracle" sounds nice when to hear it but I think it's a word that puts a limit to many people. BTS will undoubtedly grow bigger but regardless of our company's size, I think our company should keep debuting great bands and help them grow bigger than BTS. So I don't want to put a limit on the value of this moment with the word "miracle".

◈ The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of BTS is their "series" albums, the albums they release with one concept. What is the story behind this series project?

- The reason behind starting the series project was simple. It's because we couldn't include all the stories BTS members wanted to express in just one album. The biggest interest of teenagers are dream and happiness and their story wasn't simple enough to express in just one album so that was why we produced school trilogy. Also,  we believed it wasn't possible to express the beauty and uneasiness of youths in a short story. Even the lives of individuals can't be explained in one section, isn't it?

◈ BTS's concept has strong novel-like creativity. Does this reflect the preference of their main producer?

- I personally enjoy watching romance comics and romance movies. However, BTS's concepts don't reflect my preferences. It's the result produced by the staffs' continuous planning. I believe we were able to create a synergy effect thanks to BTS members understanding the concept well and expressing it properly.

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1. I still can't forget his  "기쒄을 제압해~" ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +1686 -81

2. I heard that he even filmed the video to recruit members of BTS. I respect your passion. +1441 -98

3. I think he's a great person the more I see him. Bringing together the 7 members together explains... +1444 -147

4. Cool Bang PD-nim has eyes to find the gems. Thank you for creating BTS. Please help BTS to become bigger★♥♥♥♥♥★ +1070 -118

5. Bang PD-nim, you're really amazing!!!! Please continue to take good care of BTS oppas~ ^^ +1096 -137

6. I can see Bighit taking good care of BTS... Hitman Bang I love you ㅋㅋ +237 -16

7. Bighit has great planning and  initiating skills~~!! I hope you will prove those skills by suing the haters this time~~ +219 -18

8. This is why I like them. I don't listen to the typical love songs because I'm sick of them now but when I listen to BTS's music I can relate to their songs and they comfort me. At first, I had a prejudice against them because they were an idol group but now they're my favorite singers. I really love each and every song they make. +219 -19

9. I became their fan by searching them online after watching their performance ^^ I love their current skillfulness and I also like their older less refined moments♡ Bangtan mani mani♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ +204 -15

10. 2, 3! BTS I love you and I respect you Bang Sihyuk PD-nim +194 -17

Artists who are scheduled to make their comeback are hustling. They need to let the general public know about their new concept and they also need to gain their attention. They need to publicize and trigger the public's anticipation without overdoing.

Group BTS also hinted their comeback in the second half of this year and they're receiving high attention from the fans. They gained more attention due to their unique method of forewarning their comeback. They've surpassed jacket photos and teaser images with a fresh contents called "Short Films" and this is attracting the attention of the public as well.

Short film is a new form of contents that has the cinematic and theatrical elements and BTS has been releasing them since the 5th before their actual promotion. They produced 7 videos of each member and this large scale project was revealed to the public in 7 days.

There hasn't been any 7 episode series even when we look at foreign cases. Their new attempt using contents that weren't obvious and predictable excited the fans. It was also praised for bringing a new change to the industry.

The various symbols hidden in each member's short film delighted the viewers. Fans showed response and interpreted the videos whenever a new episode was revealed to them. The short film has definitely increased the fans' expectation and also the public's interest about BTS.

In 7 days after releasing their first short film, it reached 3.3 million views on Youtube.  The official contents were also posted on Weibo and Youku in China and it has drawn various reactions from the viewers. For instance, fans began to purchase the book "Demian" because lines from the book appeared in the short film.

In fact, this isn't BTS's first creative move. They were always the leaders in contents-wise. They've shown the importance of SNS with their "Bangtan Bomb, "EPISODE" and other contents. The group has reached the peak in making unique moves with their "short film" and they also proved how influential they are.

In just 3 years since their debut, BTS won the hearts of elementary students and became the rising "presidents among elementary students". Later they advanced as "trend idol" and finally they're growing as "idol we've never seen before".

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Response +868

1. I'm really looking forward to their album. Let's hit the jackpot!! +1258 -57

2. I would read the theories posted by fans when BTS release their new short film and go "oh~ they're amazing" then Bighit would toss us another twist and I would marvel "oh~" again after reading the fans' interpretations but Bighit would shove us with a bigger twist... Bighit is flying above our heads~ BTS and their fans are equally amazing! Anyway, I realized how much effort the boys put to make their album and how long they've been preparing for this~~ there are some people who slander them because they're "presidents of elementary school students" but BTS's album is too high dimensional for you guys to talk bad about them. BTS is so cool! ㅎㅎ +1118 -54

3. BTS I'll be looking forward to your album!! Fighting!! +953 -46

4. I'm really really looking forward to this album ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I hope WINGS succeed and take our boys higher ㅠㅠ +892 -46

5. You guys are so cool and my favorite singer BTS, I love you! I hope you guys will succeed again and I'll be supporting! +865 -44

6. They are a real high-quality idol. Fighting always and thank you for letting us hear your hertz. +188 -10

7. I'm really looking forward and even the fans are preparing themselves for the album ㅎㅎ BTS is a group that's always growing up. I hope you will give us good music again and show us great stages. Let's succeed!! I'm supporting you guys always +177 -9

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Kang Myeong Seok’s This is it

The world BTS created with “baits”

One of the nicknames given by the fans to BTS is “Haeja Boy Scouts”*. Even during their break after releasing their albums they still present their fans with various self produced contents, showing “Haeja”-like image (a trending word used to express generosity, including cost effective). For instance, various behind the scene videos, “Bangtan Bomb” and other promotion related videos are available on their youtube channel “BANGTAN TV” and the members occasionally upload their “logs” on their blog. You can also watch rare scenes from their oversea concerts and BTS’s own variety programs “Bangtan Gayo” and “RUN BTS” on the video streaming service “V App”. Also, the members continuously keep their fans updated through Twitter and Instagram. If they insist, fans of BTS can check all of their idol’s official updates and behind the scene videos using their smart phones.

After performing Shinhwa’s “Perfect Man” during last year’s MBC “Gayo Daejejeon”, “Bangtan Bomb” captured BTS members practicing the choreography of “Perfect Man” at the broadcasting company hall. Existing fans and others who learned about BTS after watching [Gayo Gaejejeon] performance can continue their interest further by watching this  "Bangtan Bomb" video. Since debuting in 2013 June, BTS have produced over 273 “Bangtan Bomb” videos. This mean that even if you’ve just become their fan, you will be able to understand the context of all their past and current promotions by watching “Bangtan Bomb”. Not forgetting the “Logs” by the members, talking about their thoughts in a more serious manner compared to their light and fun [Bangtan Gayo] and [RUN BTS], fans can know all about BTS without pressing a single remote control button. BTS created their own ecosystem to keep everyone including the public to their fans satisfied through Youtube, V App, SNS, etc instead of the existing TV.

Currently the sales volume of BTS’s debut album [2 Cool 4 Skool] is around 48000 copies (based on Gaon Chart). They exceeded 100,000 copies with their 3rd album [Skool Luv Affair] and their next album [Dark & WILD] records around 120,000 copies.  They didn’t achieve great success from the start and their company isn’t a big company to continue making large investments. However, their album sales record have progressively increased and with their [HYYH pt.1] released during their second year, their sales volume almost doubled. They jumped over 300,000 copies with [HYYH pt.2]. This (HYYH pt 2) is the point where BTS’s self produced contents prove to be important. These self produced contents are generous in terms of quantity and they are tailored to the fans’ demands which make it impossible for their fans to escape once they access these contents. If you are new, you can easily learn about their charms through their past videos and V app, Youtube, Twitter, etc notifies the users when new contents are uploaded/posted. You can occasionally read testimonies posted by fans online telling the readers how they’ve become a bigger, core fans after watching the self produced videos of BTS. A single Youtube video can’t change the fate of an idol. However, 3 years of countless, well scheduled and continuous videos could change a group’s fate.

These days it’s difficult for groups to earn popularity by merely performing on music programs or appearing on variety shows. The activity platforms for idols have diversified compared to the past and in fact the line between a group’s active period and break period is now disappearing. Constantly creating contents after their promotion period help to hold their fans and the existing contents help the new fans to learn the group’s history and characters. These piled supports show up during the early phase of group’s next album and the groups unveil various teasers before releasing their album and their comeback stage to increase their existing fans’ anticipation and to attract new fans.  This is the reason why idol groups  have recently begun the countdown to their new album a week (shortest) to a month (longest) before the comeback date. BTS revealed that they will be releasing 3 music videos for their new special album [Young Forever]. They plan to conclude the stories of [HYYH] series through their teaser photos and music videos. During the generation where fans can hop on to another content anytime they want, idols have to provide endless contents. They have to build up their own broadcasting station that connects them to the TV program which they appear as guests and to their albums.  This would be a difficult task from the company’s point of view. However, if they are not from a big company and are unable to appear on popular variety shows, this will give them more opportunities compared to their nobody-period.

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Their splendid performances and eloquent ments shined the fan meeting.

Group BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) held their global official fan club ARMY 3rd fan meeting "BTS 3rd Muster ARMY ZIP+" on November 12th and 13th at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

This event was held for 2 days. They opened 38,000 seats and in just 10 minutes, all seats from the first floor ground until the 4th floor were sold out and this proved the group's popularity. Thus, after their 4th exclusive concert "2016 BTS Live HYYH On stage: Epilogue" last May which was held at Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park which could hold 24,000 audience, in just 3 years since the group's debut they conquered the biggest indoor stadium in Korea, Gocheok Dome and proved their monstrous growth.

 Previously, BTS released their second full album "WINGS" on October 10th and 681,924 copies were sold in October, according to Gaon Chart. The album also debuted at #26 on US Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200", setting the highest ranking as KPOP artist. The group also ranked 62nd place on UK Official Album chart and they received love from all around the world. Not only music charts, they also won 1st places on music shows and they successfully wrapped up their 4 week promotion in Korea.

After wrapping up their promotion, the members met their fans again at the fan meeting and just like their previous 3 years, they sang passionately, danced until they broke their bones and ran around the stage. They didn't just performed their hit songs like "Boy in Luv", "Dope", "Fire" and "Blood Sweat & Tears", they prepared special unit stages they had never shown in their previous concerts and they also set Gocheok Dome on fire with special events.

Rap Monster and Jungkook passionately sang their 3rd anniversary song "I Know" and heated the venue air. For the first time, Suga performed "Tony Montana" from his first official solo mixtape which released last August 16th with Jimin who he had picked as the member he'd like to perform on stage together someday. It was their first joint stage and the crowd went wild. It was a unique stage because the audience could watch vocalist Jimin's first rap performance. J Hope, V and Jin transformed into "Bangtan Children Scouts" with cute outfits and made their fans laugh to their cute "FIRE", "Boy in Luv" and "Dope" performances.

Although this wasn't going to be aired on TV or a live internet broadcast which can be viewed by the public, the members' live  performances were flawless. The members completed the perfect fan meeting with their perfect stages and witty talks. We compiled their sincere messages that made their audience cry and their witty talks that caused howls of laughter.

▲ J Hope, "I want to become BTS's fan"

The members couldn't stop admiring the large venue filled with their fans when they first step on the stage. J Hope began, "Finally, BTS entered Gocheok Dome and so many of you came to see us.", he then continued, "We're amazing. Seriously BTS is amazing. I want to become BTS's fan", making the audience laugh to his joke.

▲ Kim Youngchul, "Please save your voices when I'm speaking"

Celebrity Kim Youngchul, the MC of the event presented the audience with little specks of fun with his playful witty talks. When the audience cheered loudly for him when he appeared on the stage he said, "Are you cheering for me? Guys, you should save your voices when oppa is speaking." and expressed his envious feelings, "I wish at least 100 of the many fans who are here today are my fans.". He also expressed his surprise to the heated air, "Did you guys practice to cheer for me before I got on the stage? I didn't even say much but I think they (fans) are laughing at every word I say."

▲ Suga, "I wish I have my own AlphaGo".

During the ment time when they were asked about recent words they searched on portal sites, Suga said since he's in charge of  lethargy in the group, he explained, "I usually search about the future and the possible future industries. I've been searching a lot about the future of humanity.". He also joked, "I wish AI BTS or AlphaGo BTS would be developed so my AlphaGo Suga could  sing and dance on stage while I rest in my bed.". The fans expressed disappointment to his answer and Suga corrected his answer to, "That's what I used to think but I think that ruins the dignity of man. I will do my best on stage.".

▲ Jungkook, "I think Jin hyung's mental age is decreasing day by day"

The eldest hyung Jin who is the mood maker of the group with his cheerful and bright "Ahjae jokes" said, "I try to act younger to lead a younger life." and said, "It's all because I'm very mature.". To this, the youngest member Jungkook jokingly replied, "I think Jin hyung's mental age is decreasing day by day. He always calls me "JK".". Jin replied, "Oh, young man, only my actions are immature". Suga added, "I think the only member who responds to Jin hyung's jokes is Jungkook.".

▲ Rap Monster, "Fans are curious about the sound of a sigh in bathrooms"

We could peek at the members' extraordinary friendship when they talked about their toilet episode.  V recalled the incident, "Someone was sighing inside the (broadcast station) toilet. So I asked "Jungkook?" and he replied "Yes, hyung."." Jungkook replied, "This is true. Usually when you sit down (toilet seat), you sigh, right?". To this Rap Monster jokingly told him off, "Fans don't want to know if we sigh when we sit on the toilet seat.". Suga made them laugh by adding, "Let's shout "ya-ho!" (hurray) when we sit in the future.".

▲  Rap Monster, "We even had a fan who said she wants to marry Bang Sihyuk"

BTS prepared a postcard for devoted reader corner. Before they began their fan meeting, BTS members read every postcards they received from their fans and they selected the most memorable postcards to share on the stage. Rap Monster revealed, "The memorable postcard was about the fan's love for Bang Sihyuk PD-nim." and Suga continued, "Another fan said she sincerely wants to marry Bang Sihyuk PD-nim. Can the writer please raise her hand?".

▲ J Hope, "Now you can boast you're a fan of BTS!"

BTS received attention as the hip hop group produced by famous producer Bang Sihyuk under Bighit Entertainment but due to their unique group name, they didn't receive love and public recognition from the very beginning.  BTS was aware of the public's hostility to their group name and the prejudices. The members climbed a step at a time and performed their own music and performances, growing up as global musician.

During the ending ment, J Hope said with a smile, "To fill this space (Gocheok Dome) with fans who share same feelings, I'm happy and proud as a youth of South Korea and as a KPOP singer who represents a country. I'm sure you guys are happier than me. You guys are happy, right? Please go on and tell everyone you're a fan of BTS! Please boast you're a fan of BTS! It's okay for you to boast. I'm proud.".

▲ Rap Monster, "You are my universe"

Leader Rap Monster who previously mentioned that he always heads to his workspace while thinking about his fans when he gets stuck while working on a song also emphasized that their fans are his driving force during the ending of the event. He said, "I only think of 3 things in my moments of despair. First is music, second is family and 3rd is all of you. There's no point in making music if there aren't any listeners and there's no point in performing when we don't have an audience. You are my last bastion and my strong supporters, I'm very grateful and I love you." and he revealed, "In this shimmering space, we are entirely one. And I hope you will not forget that you are my universe.".

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