[Article] 151213 "Hwarang" Kim Taehyung, "I'm the first member to try acting in BTS. It was very hard."

The six members of "Hwarang" got together for the group photoshoot.

The 6 actors of KBS 2TV Youth Historical drama "Hwarang" illuminated the 2016 December issue of star style magazine "High Cut" which will release on December 15th.

Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Kim Taehyung, Do Jihan and Cho Yoonwoo turned into an imaginary idol group for their youth band concept photoshoot. They captured the vibes of British visual band with checked pattern suits and added touches of flowerboys with flower motive pattern items.

The actors shared behind-the-scene stories and their thoughts about appearing in the drama during the interview that was carried out with the photoshoot.

While talking about his first attempt in acting, Kim Taehyung said, "It was very hard because this was my first time (acting). I had a goal to do really well because I'm also the first member to act among BTS members. My acting can create a good image or a bad image to BTS. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Park Seojoon hyung. I believe I was able to reach here (in acting) thanks to Seojoon hyung.".

When they were asked about the drinking capacity ranking of 6 Hwarangs, Do Jihan replied, "Choi Minho is the best drinker. I think Minho is born that way. Next is Park Seojoon hyung. Cho Yoonwoo, Park Hyungsik and I are all at the same level. How could I explain about our youngest Taehyung, I think he lets his guard down a little. Seeing him like that way very cute."

(T/N: I think he meant that Taehyung acts more comfortably/naturally when he gets drunk/when he drinks.)

When Park Seojoon was asked why he decided to join the drama he replied, "I decided to join because I thought it would be nice to have "Hwarang" as my last work that expresses about the youth. I did 4 works in 2015 but I gave my all for "Hwarang" in 2016. I hope I can continue doing more work without any break until I become 32 or 33.".

Park Hyungsik who is now a solid idol actor and the member of ZE:A revealed, "I spent 9~10 years including our trainee years as ZE:A so we have a strong family-like vibe. I could say that "Hwarang" members are like my cheerful co-workers. Many of them are 91ers so I feel like I've created precious friends.".

Cho Yoonwoo who played the role of "Yeowool" who is "as pretty to make you confused if he's a girl" said, "On the first day of our shoot, Park Seojoon hyung told me to watch the movie "The Danish Girl". I was able to learn the detailed emotion acting of Eddie Redmayne. My character is more delicate than a woman with long straight hair but my face has masculine features. The first thought that came to my mind when I saw my reflection after the make up was "What do I do?".".

When they were asked "Let's pretend you have a baby sister or an elder sister. Which Hwarang member would you introduce her to?", Choi Minho picked  Park Hyungsik and said, "He's a friend who gives you bigger trust when you give him trust. He has a great personality, his spirit for his work and I can really rely on him as a friend and a co-worker.".

You will be able to see the photoshoot of the six "Hwarang" flowerboy actors in High Cut Issue 188  which will release on December 15th.

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