[Article] 160726 [V LIVE 1st Anniversay ③] EXO, BTS and GOT7 replies... V LIVE Q&A

Naver V LIVE (hereinafter referred to as V LIVE) has created a bridgehead for celebrities to communicate with their fans in real time and that's significant enough. The idol groups were the main reason why this platform was created.

Last year (was known as V App) during the initial start of the service 25 idol channels including Big Bang, BTS, SNSD, Wonder Girls, and others formed the core. These artists played the role of publicizing V App. After the first year, initial member BTS has the most number of followers and global trending group EXO made a successful start of the exclusive premium contents. They're displaying their potentials as the global trending group. GOT7 expanded their fandom internationally and they ranked 5th place after BTS, Big Bang, EXO and SM Town.

Therefore, XSportnews have prepared a Q&A time with EXO, BTS and GOT7 to tell us about their most memorable V Live.

BTS, "We have the most number of followers. We will repay their support"

◆You guys came first with the most number of Naver V LIVE followers!

(Everyone) We are really honored. We want to repay the support of many K POP fans with better contents. We tried our best to communicate with you all and we believe that played an important role to achieve the 1st place with most no. of followers.

◆What was the most memorable V APP LIVE broadcast?

(J Hope) It's indeed "Hope On The Street", the broadcast led by me! haha!

(Jungkook) The currently broadcasting "Bon Voyage". It was our first trip and we experienced many new things so I think that makes it very memorable. We went on May but I want to visit the places again.

◆Which broadcast received the best responses from your fans?

(Everyone) It was the comeback countdown live broadcast for "FIRE". We were really nervous and our hearts fluttered because we were going to release our album and we received many responses. We sang short lines of our song and showed them our choreography and we think our fans cheered for us more because we could communicate with our fans in real time. And we also received more than one hundred million hearts!

◆Any unexpected incidents during your V LIVE?

(Jin) I didn't know we had a time limit while broadcasting "Eat Jin". I was busy talking and the staff told me the broadcast was over. Later I realized that the broadcast ends automatically when it reaches it's time limit but I thought the internet was the problem so I was blaming the internet connection.

◆Do you guys have any V LIVE broadcast you'd like to try?

(Jungkook) Travel log for each member. A concept where we would be given our allowance and the duration period but each of us would travel where we want on our own.

(Suga) I'd like to try "NupBang" where I broadcast while lying down.

(T/N: NupBang is shortend form of "Nuweoseo haneun bangsong")

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