[Article] 160919 About BTS ① - Trying out things that weren't tried byother artists makes them special

Artists who are scheduled to make their comeback are hustling. They need to let the general public know about their new concept and they also need to gain their attention. They need to publicize and trigger the public's anticipation without overdoing.

Group BTS also hinted their comeback in the second half of this year and they're receiving high attention from the fans. They gained more attention due to their unique method of forewarning their comeback. They've surpassed jacket photos and teaser images with a fresh contents called "Short Films" and this is attracting the attention of the public as well.

Short film is a new form of contents that has the cinematic and theatrical elements and BTS has been releasing them since the 5th before their actual promotion. They produced 7 videos of each member and this large scale project was revealed to the public in 7 days.

There hasn't been any 7 episode series even when we look at foreign cases. Their new attempt using contents that weren't obvious and predictable excited the fans. It was also praised for bringing a new change to the industry.

The various symbols hidden in each member's short film delighted the viewers. Fans showed response and interpreted the videos whenever a new episode was revealed to them. The short film has definitely increased the fans' expectation and also the public's interest about BTS.

In 7 days after releasing their first short film, it reached 3.3 million views on Youtube.  The official contents were also posted on Weibo and Youku in China and it has drawn various reactions from the viewers. For instance, fans began to purchase the book "Demian" because lines from the book appeared in the short film.

In fact, this isn't BTS's first creative move. They were always the leaders in contents-wise. They've shown the importance of SNS with their "Bangtan Bomb, "EPISODE" and other contents. The group has reached the peak in making unique moves with their "short film" and they also proved how influential they are.

In just 3 years since their debut, BTS won the hearts of elementary students and became the rising "presidents among elementary students". Later they advanced as "trend idol" and finally they're growing as "idol we've never seen before".

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1. I'm really looking forward to their album. Let's hit the jackpot!! +1258 -57

2. I would read the theories posted by fans when BTS release their new short film and go "oh~ they're amazing" then Bighit would toss us another twist and I would marvel "oh~" again after reading the fans' interpretations but Bighit would shove us with a bigger twist... Bighit is flying above our heads~ BTS and their fans are equally amazing! Anyway, I realized how much effort the boys put to make their album and how long they've been preparing for this~~ there are some people who slander them because they're "presidents of elementary school students" but BTS's album is too high dimensional for you guys to talk bad about them. BTS is so cool! ㅎㅎ +1118 -54

3. BTS I'll be looking forward to your album!! Fighting!! +953 -46

4. I'm really really looking forward to this album ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ  I hope WINGS succeed and take our boys higher ㅠㅠ +892 -46

5. You guys are so cool and my favorite singer BTS, I love you! I hope you guys will succeed again and I'll be supporting! +865 -44

6. They are a real high-quality idol. Fighting always and thank you for letting us hear your hertz. +188 -10

7. I'm really looking forward and even the fans are preparing themselves for the album ㅎㅎ BTS is a group that's always growing up. I hope you will give us good music again and show us great stages. Let's succeed!! I'm supporting you guys always +177 -9

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  1. This is really scary and I feel sorry for the fansite masters who actually work hard and respect the members' privacy. It would be great if we could go after actual sasaengs instead.

    And it reminded me of something that happened a few years ago in the SHINee fandom. The biggest Onew fansite master was accused of being a sasaeng and the rumors stayed around until the fansite master actually died :( After she died, her friends who were other fansite masters wrote a letter to clarify that she never was a sasaeng and it was all malicious rumors and comments, unfortunately she died before it was cleared up.

  2. I think BTS is smart enough to not messed up with their fans or fansite owner, when they're basically this popular..
    i always hope they can maintain their relationship with his fans including the fansite owner carefully. Whether their professional relation as and idol and a fan..or their personal relation as an acquintance or a friend. Not to sound dictacted but controversy with fans is worst of the worst for kpop idol. Unnecessary and it's a shame if their hard work and image is scattered because things like those.

    Also, i dont think BTS has that many sasaeng fans. We knew episode from bighit abt fans bothering them. But maybe it stopped since they keep calling them out and if they still have it, i hope they stop doing that bc it's def their own lose since logically BTS won't have affections for their sasaeng who's simply bothering them

  3. ririkookiejoonie10 January 2017 at 14:05

    This is quite shocking to me because this is the first time I am seeing this. I still support you and appreciate you Taetaeland-nim! Whatever you think is the right thing to do, then go for it. Also this is very sad because this shows that some fans have little faith in BTS if they easily believe those egg accounts without evidence.

  4. It's really disappointing that ARMYs would be so easily swayed. Even if they don't trust the fansite masters (whom I feel bad for because they actually worked so hard), they should trust BTS and Taehyung. Quite frankly, I am sad she had to say this. :/

  5. They (some so called fans) who easily believe on those egg accounts should better find another group to stan. They don't trust BTS that much. BTS put a lot of effort to succeed step by step and do you actually believe that they'll ruin their image by doing that? Every ARMYs know that these boys are so workaholic that they can just marry their work room. BTS truly trust ARMYs to be there and believe in their music but not all ARMYs are returning the favor, I think those fans who lack trust should just move on or come back to our fandom if you're ready to 100% trust every members. And fansite masters are doing their very best to took photos of BTS for those fans who can't see the boys in real life, if you don't like the fansite master then don't focus on them or better yet respect them.

  6. Oh wow! I hope it all clears up.. I'm glad TaeTaeland taking it seriously before it gets worst

  7. Well I don´t know if someone else share my opinion, but I wouldnt be bother at all if she saved some of that money to her, I mean, after all, fansite manster paid airplains ticketcks, camera lenses, hotels, food, etc; so I see it like some kind of like a job so of course you need to be paid somehow. Even before this event I assumed that fansite master kept some part of the money that they gain with the proyects; so I was really suprise when I read this...

  8. I don't get it when ppl complaining the fansite masters kept some of the money to treat themselves. They did work hard on the projects so I wouldn't mind if they spent some of the money on themselves. If you don't want that, then maybe you shouldn't join the fan project in the first place. No one is holding a gun to your head to force you.

  9. its really unrealistic and unfair for some people to expect the fansites to get nothing out of these fansite projects. this is basically their job, being a fansite master is not easy

  10. people really need to stop believing ever single thing they see on SNS i never take any fan accounts seriously unless their a reliable source, or if BTS themselves confirm it and either way it's none of our business.

  11. Armys are just fickle.

  12. Does this have some connection with several Taehyung's fansites that is in rest mode?

  13. I see so the fansite masters resting has nothing to do with taetaeland, I hope people now will stop hating on them and spreading false news.

  14. I'm glad that she took the lawsuit to protect herself. That way the people who start malicious rumor'll be put out and she can proove her sincerity to everyone else at the same time.

    Hang in there and please don't be sad TaeTaeland!

  15. What if Taehyung does know the fansite master(s) that stan him? I personally don't see a problem with that. These fansite masters are dedicated, you think anyone can just go to all the events, domestic and overseas, day after day? It would be impossible for any of the members to not feel connected to those fansite masters that stan them individually, they are only human beings, with feelings. If the fansite, through himself/herself, or by donations, can buy expensive gifts to the boys, good for them. At least the boys' annual wardrobe is taken care of when they are out in public eyes almost every day.

    Fans get jealous and bitter so easily.

  16. Yes, it is not easy to organized these fansite projects. If it's easy, everyone would have done it.

  17. take everything with a grain of salt.

  18. The Italian Noona10 January 2017 at 19:34

    I don't get it. Why would it be bad if Tae really knew this fansite master? What's the problem here? I can't see it. Somebody care to explain it to me, please?

  19. I'm not sure either, but I guess that if Tae, who has received valuable gifts from her, were to then get close, it would seem like he was basically selling himself? Or favoring rich fans over poor fans?

  20. I don't mind if this fansite is spending the money on herself. I'm pretty sure she spends MOST of it for Taehyung.
    You can't really expect her to spend ALL the money to Taehyung.
    Let's remember there are OTHER fansites out there too.
    Plus he's getting paid x'D
    So she can spend the money on herself. But at least she's still spending it on Taehyung.
    I don't find this a problem.
    Also the ones saying fansite and Taehyung being close. There's a thing called FRIENDSHIP and
    Let's also remember it's Kim Vucking Taehyung. He's gonna be close with erryone ^o^
    So: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7e50aab788c04f446fbeb9e5bc86ff01fa2d04bf26748fd22d5c789edb9d64a3.jpg

  21. if a member of a group shows preference towards one fan it will cause a lot of problems for said member and their image. this is a big no no.
    edit: meant to reply to the other person sorry

  22. The Italian Noona11 January 2017 at 05:07

    Oh, i didn't think about it that way. I guess it makes sense if we look at it that way.

  23. The Italian Noona11 January 2017 at 05:09

    But why shouldn't an idol be free to be close to a fan? Is it because of jealousy from other fans? I understand if we look at it as if he is selling himself, like the previous commenter said, but if he likes a fan, why should he be forced not to? I guess i understand why now celebrities always end up with other celebrities lol

  24. It's sad that people are trying to use the fact that Tae cried to accuse her of things. When you're grieving, it's normal to cry suddenly with little provocation. One time when I was depressed, a teacher told me I looked sad, and I just burst into tears.


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