[Article] 161020 [Music&Talk①] BTS's journey to becoming the "trend" from their past "dirt spoon" idol

When group BTS first appeared in the K POP industry, no one was convinced of their success. The small company boys filled with spirit to perform their self composed songs on stage made it possible for them to reach where they are today. Only with their talents and effort.

BTS debuted in 2013 with single album "2 COOL 4 SKOOL". They threw their name into the KPop industry with the title track "No More Dream".  When they first debuted they were nothing more than an idol group produced by composer Bang Sihyuk.

BTS usually performed hip hop tracks with strong sound and violent rapping. BTS actively targeted the manias instead of general popularity and they drew their own music world.

BTS began to solidify their own music world by composing and writing their own songs since their early debut days. The rapper line- Rap Monster, Suga and J Hope showed their musical ability by personally writing their rap verses and including self-composed and self-written songs in their albums.

BTS focused on strengthening the team's characteristic rather than creating various colors and different concepts like the groups that debuted around the similar period. They put hip hop as their musical genre and tried to create music that will capture the manias and the general public.

The group also created a story by continuing their concept. They sang about the teenager's dream, happiness and love during their "school trilogy" in their early debut days and later with their "HYYH" series they showed the images of mature youths compared to their young boy images. And their second album "WINGS" expressed the inner grown-ups of BTS who are shaken in their growing process.

BTS developed their own colors which can't be imitated by other groups and their fandom grew stronger. Fans can interact with BTS members during the group's inactive period with videos like "BANGTAN BOMB" on BTS's Youtube channel. They also made it easier for the fans to join their fandom by interacting on SNS and this acted as a bridge to gain general popularity.

They have been growing steadily and with their "HYYH" albums they captured both their fandom and the public and now they're one of the few trend groups. BTS's musicality helped them to get rid of "dirt spoon" title and rewarded them for their effort with a ticket to "trend" title while overcoming the planning abilities of large entertainment companies.

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1. I think they're really awesome. I hope they continue to succeed~ +659 -54

2. They weren't my very favorite idol when they first debuted but their group name was eye catching so my eyes did follow them. I thought "Bulletproof Boy Scout" sounded like someone trying to sound extra tough but after listening to their songs, I began to understand the musicality they pursued. The musicality in their new song "Blood Sweat & Tears" and in other songs from the album contains more values than songs from idols. Just like what the article said, the dirt spoon became the trend and their musicality proved them to debut at #26 on Billboard 200. I don't see a reason why you shouldn't become their fan. +647 -63

3. Please continue to succeed... +537 -47

4. BTS, thank you for growing up like this. Let's only walk on flower road together. BTS, I love you♡3♡ +505 -46

5. I was like "huh?" when I first saw them on TV... I didn't know they'd become this big +441 -47

6. The planning and concept planning by their company are important factors behind BTS's success but more than any thing I think it's the passion each member has for music and the effort they made to interact with fans ever since before their debut on Youtube or SNS. I hope to continue seeing them succeed even more :) +151 -7

7. They took a step at a time from the very bottom.. I hope they succeed more. +141 -6

8. I can see them making effort. I think we found their songs relatable because they do their own music.+136 -5

9. I really liked them since they looked like babies and I feel so proud to see them grow up ㅜㅠ ! I'm a noona fan and I support you always^^ +138 -6

10. Like their song title, this is the "crystal" made by BTS's blood sweat and tears. +139 -7

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  1. Congrats, Ellie.. for opening a new whole 'world' for ARMY.. ^^


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