[Article] 161124 BTS's 2016 was their "most beautiful moment in life/HYYH" and it will continue in 2017

2016 was like the most beautiful moment to boy group BTS.

BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook)  released their mini album "HYYH pt.1" in 2015 April and briskly marched forward after releasing mini album "HYYH pt.2" in 2015 November. They traveled around the world and rapidly expanded their fandom.

The group was able to experience the joy of winning the first place on music show with their "HYYH pt.1" title track "I NEED U". Since then, 72,000 copies of their fourth Japanese single album "FOR YOU" sold during its first week and they also topped Oricon Single Weekly Chart.

Also, the group swept Korean music charts and music shows by selling 360,000 copies of "HYYH pt. 2" and not to mention, made a splendid achievement by debuting at No.171 on Billboard 200 chart.

BTS ignited 2015. And in 2016, they definitely flew high with the help of "Blood Sweat & Tears". Although "HYYH Young Forever" was the last chapter to their "HYYH" series they released in May, the special album recorded 340,000 copies in sale and they achieved all-kill on Korean music charts during this period and they also successfully lined up their songs on the charts.

They constantly kept making new records in the US and Japan as well. "HYYH pt 2" ranked No.171 on Billboard 200 Chart but BTS was able to climb higher to No.107 with "HYYH Young Forever". Later, their Japanese full album "YOUTH" topped the Oricon Weekly Chart in Japan.

This was when BTS began to mention their wish to win the first Daesang. And their wish came true after releasing their second full album "WINGS" in October. Their constant hard work and efforts finally showed result.

"WINGS" showed the surprising growth of BTS in the most satisfactorily way. The album sales doubled compared to "HYYH Young Forever" (340,000 copies), selling 680,000 copies and the title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" achieved all-kill on 8 major music charts in Korea, lined up the charts with all 15 songs, topped iTunes Chart in 97 countries, lined up their songs on US Apple Music Chart, won 6 trophies on Korean music shows and set many more records.

BTS also set a new record in Gayo history by debuting at No. 26 on US Billboard 200 with "WINGS".

BTS's amazing march is finally seeing the light at the end of the year awards ceremonies. They won the "Best Artist" award at "2016 Asia Artist Awards", the first-ever annual award. Also, the group also won their first Daesang (Album of the Year) at "MMA 2016" in 3 years after their debut and shed tears of joy. They're also predicted as one of the strong candidates of Daesang at "2016 MAMA", "Golden Disk", "Seoul Gayo Daesang", "Gaon Chart K-POP Awards".

The public and media don't hesitate to call this year as "the most beautiful moment" of BTS as they've achieved the best ever records. However, some argue that it's too early for us to use the term "the most beautiful moment" to BTS as they're still growing. We'd like to make a rebute which isn't really a rebute. BTS's "most beautiful moment in life" will continue for the next few years.

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