[Article] 161202 The best K POP singers of the year - "BTS" "TWICE"

According to the survey, "BTS" and "TWICE" are the most beloved KPOP singers of the year by the people around the world.

KBS World Radio carried out a survey targeting about 2000 listeners from 87 countries and the results showed "BTS" (35.2%) as the most loved male idol group by the people around the world. Second place went to EXO (27.8%) and Got7 ranked third. "2PM", "CN Blue", "Infinite", "Shinee" and "SS301" followed behind.

BTS's song "FIRE" also topped "The best song of the year" category and this proved that BTS is indeed the "global trend idol".

Kim Heonsik, pop culture critic stated that "hip hop" is the secret behind BTS's popularity because it's a music genre that is relatable to all the people around the world and BTS has expanded the bond of sympathy by expressing it in their own musical personality and he predicted that the group's popularity will continue for awhile because they had built a solid fandom by staying active on the internet like SNS platforms.

This survey was carried out on KBS World homepage and mobile app from November 1st until the 14th and 1,945 listeners around the world participated in the survey.

The result of this survey will broadcast on December 24th as "K-Pop Interactive" special "This year's K-Pop loved by people around the world" and you will be able to listen to this program on their internet homepage or mobile app.

Special videos of BTS, Twice, Ailee, and AKMU sharing their thoughts for topping this survey will be posted on KBS World Radio homepage and Youtube Channel.

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Response +63

1. The performances shown by Twice and BTS this year were extraordinary... +85 -0

2. I agree about TWICE and BTs. +66 -0

3. TWICE and BTS did amazing this year +65 -1

4. Congrats to TWICE and BTS!! Fighting!! +31 -1

5. The world recognizes BTS and TWICE but only one fandom refuses to accept this... let's keep flying higher BTS and TWICE! Fighting! +28 -0

6. Amazing BTS! Fighting to BTS and TWICE! +28 -1

7. BTS!! You guys are beginning to see the results of your 10 years of effort. Let's keep growing bigger❤️❤️❤️ +24 -1

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