[Article] 161203 [2016 MAMA③] BTS gives dream and hope with "Blood Sweat & Tears"

Boy group BTS who is receiving love and attention from Billboard and other music charts hit their peak by winning the Daesang.

BTS won the "Artist of the Year" award which is one of the three Daesangs of "2016 MAMA"which was held on 2nd December evening in Hong Kong AWE. When actress Ha Jiwon who was the presenter of the award saw the card that had the name of the winning team, she looked convinced by the name written on the card. That was probably how we all felt. BTS gradually sang about the youth and now they represent the youth.

BTS won two awards including the "Artist of the Year" award at this event. They were first called out as the winner of "Best Dance Performance - Male Group". BTS was recognized for their perfectly in sync group choreography performance and the dreamy musical like stages. J Hope who is in charge of the choreography of their group expressed, "This award means a lot to us. We really love our ARMYs who support us always. We're grateful to our choreography teacher.".

We could say that they received the "Dance Performance" award in a cheerful and bright atmosphere but their Daesang winning moment was very touching. Rap Monster talked in Korean and English during their acceptance speech and said, "We went through many moments after our debut. Many said we will not make it. But we're grateful to our fans who believed in us until the end. You turned our dream into a reality. We're very grateful to our company staffs who make great music for us, choreographer and the staffs as well." and shed tears.

Their acceptance speech was ended with a group hug. BTS's music and performance which holds their "Blood Sweat & Tears" are really becoming "dreams and hope" to some people. It's irony but this is the directing point of BTS. Even when you look at BTS's 2016, although they suffered from various controversies, BTS was recognized by Daesang and just like their "HYYH" series, BTS completed the perfect growth phase in reality.

Meanwhile, BTS ended the Part 2 of the award ceremony. Their linked performance of "Boy Meets Evil", "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "FIRE" expressed diverse genres and that helped the viewers to confirm their charms. BTS proved once again that they are the "Artist of the Year" with their performance. From youthful beauty to sexiness, BTS unraveled various stories in splendid colors and caught the eyes of both Korean and international fans.

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1. Seriously from a small company idol to winning a Daesang.. I think BTS's effort showed the result. Congrats BTS♡ +505 -24

2. I cried when I saw them crying at MAMA. They went through so much hardship to reach here.. thank you so much for enduring. Congrats on reaching your goal and I hope you will continue growing bigger and walk only on flower road.♥ I will support you with all my heartㅎㅎ +387 -16

3. BTS, you worked hard. I hope you will not lose your first intentions. +329 -15

4. I think the journalist sounds like ARMY ㅎ +300 -14

5. You worked so hard. Congrats on winning the Daesang BTS. Let's only walk on flower road with ARMY. +297 -14

6. It wasn't controversies, they were accusations and attacks with malicious intentions. The trend will rise no matter how much they try to walk over them. BTS holds this great power called sincerity/truth and there's nothing that can stop them. They're fit to be the role models of teenagers. +93 -7

7. They didn't create controversies, they suffered from "accusations" made by antis +84 -4

8. I'm always amazed by their passion and I always fall in love with BTS because of the effort they make and their gratitude ♡ +72 -1

9. They're the first artist not from a big company to win the Daesang at MAMA~ I think this makes it more meaningful and you can't help but agree that BTS deserves it because of the effort and their talent! +65 -0

10. My artist for life♡ I'm lucky to live in the same era with you♡ +66 -1


  1. Lilac Panther (Luna)10 January 2017 at 15:02

    Omg yes my inkling was right yes! 😁
    So excited to hear the new music their gonna release! 😁

  2. I'm really worried about them getting rest and hope that they're taking care of their health, but I'm also excited for their comeback. It'll be awesome.

  3. I wish this album will be really success and bts always healthy. I don't really hope about something big. Their health is the priority, they always working so hard. Ahhh but I have a feeling they will comeback after wings tour in Korea. Because they always do this kind of strategy, they will introduce their song in concert first then realise it. Like what they do to hyyh pt. 2 and hyyh young forever.

  4. ririkookiejoonie10 January 2017 at 15:08

    I'm...panicking...i need money for the preorder of the "S" 😭😂. I hope my love BTS will get a lot of rests in between their schedules because I'm seriously thinking about their health now. BTS, do not ever apologize of you want to rest because health is a priority.
    Thank you for translating again peachisoda-nim! 💜

  5. Wait the source itself doesn't came from bighit?

  6. BTS is strong dont worry.
    Anyway, they probably has the material ready even before wings released. They def aiming this special album becauseee...interlude.

    Anyway, i hope BTS and army will enjoy the promotion period, giving strength to each other and happy all the times.

  7. Idk how to feel.. I miss you but I want you to rest a bit for the concerts.. don't mind me I'm being a weirdo 🙄

  8. I hope that they doesn't stress themself too much, still I'm excited for the comeback. I think the promo will quite similar with yf promo, that is not aiming for record breaking or stuff, just simply releasing new songs for upcoming tours.

    Speaking about tours, wouldn't it exciting if they perform their new songs on upcoming tour before actual release date, similar to hyyh on stage (if i'm not mistaken)?

  9. I still didn't have Wings album the ver that I want but they already want release the extension album 😆
    I'm glad they really active musically, I hope them for the best 😊

  10. I don't think we have to worry. Like the article says, they won't promote for long. Maybe it will be the same as their "fire" promotions. Who knows.

  11. omg!! we need to put this album in billboard too... they will fell so pressured...

  12. Bighit's really shrewd. They hit it when it's still hot.

    ... but please don't hit my wallet that hard. I'm slender thanks to you, you know....
    Please rest a bit, I don't mind waiting1-2more months.

  13. "The recording industry official said, “Other agencies are paying attention to the releasing date of BTS’s album. Some singers are trying to avoid promoting during the same period.”.

    SOOO PROUD ❤❤⁠⁠⁠⁠


  14. Wow they're so hardworking ㅠㅠ I think if they were to promote it'll be just 3-4 days like previous Young Forever promotion. I wonder if it'll be before or after the korean concert...

  15. The recording industry official said, “Other agencies are paying attention to the releasing date of BTS’s album. Some singers are trying to avoid promoting during the same period.”.

    Never thought I'd ever hear this ahahah!

    I wonder who are the ones shaking in their boots?

    Anyway! I cant wait for this album! I just ordered some other BTS stuff and am brookeee buut I can sacrifice a meal!

  16. Am I the only one who still waiting for 21st Century Girl can have its own MV ? and it looks like there's still hope. Anyway..I'm rolling in excitement now XD

  17. I'm very excited about this. I can't wait to see what beautiful and heart-touching music BTS has in store for us. I got my money ready.

  18. I know! I read this and was in shock for a moment... who would have ever thought this could happen lmao. BTS as a "threat" just feels so damn weird

  19. Right? Haha! Me too!
    It really is weird!
    No wonder those /fans/ feel so threatened too haha.

    Lets keep supporting our boys!

  20. I'm sorry everyone, but i am a mess right now. I am at my wit's end and don't know how to feel anymore. But i am mostly happy and excited. I feel so greedy too. Why i kept wanting more? I feel so bad for being greedy.

  21. LET'S GO IM READY!!!!


    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8076e1e0674988f957f4dad9ce5793838c16d5fe3025fa67594bc6fcbbc131f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/76ed2bd7af5370e866d8e00bc845b5e42ea4d9ca1ad9267365bd91f47a4eda28.jpg

  22. "Bighit usually releasing teaser 2-3 weeks before actual MV release/comeback..During Run Era, they have HYYH On stage concert a week before comeback in MAMA 2015..ARMYs predicting MV release Mid Feb before concert then comeback for few weeks after concert, then proceed to World Tour.."
    GOSH..all of us kinda expecting comeback..

  23. I dont care about your opinion10 January 2017 at 17:56

    me too. wondering who they are. oh my God, by just simple statement they have admitted that BTS is now a threat to them. ARMY's we did so great in promoting the WING only only because S is coming out this Feb. We have to keep breaking records, break the V-app site, break billboards records again, we have to crashed the YT again. be prepared ARMY's it will be anytime soon. BigHit will just drop the bomb. I hope that they boys are not too exhausted because they have upcoming world tour too.


  25. Bighit are snek on attacking us..haha

  26. Tbh we all singed up to be a mess when we started stanning BTS 😂

  27. Sorry to put your hopes down but as much as I want it I don't think they are gonna have a MV and promo for a song that has already been performed in music shows 😥

  28. Since they have worked so hard and constantly put so much effort without a break, like srsly who has a comeback before going back lol, so we must not let their hardwork go into waste and get them into the billboard hot 100 this time!!! Get ready to stream ARMYs 😊 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bbf31d3ea322ce8294bb0fca66ce1233fabb9aebad6b3121191f4e3a3818c176.gif

  29. Most of us half expecting that they will have comeback in February..and now its REAL!!

    Bighit usually releasing teaser 2-3 weeks before actual MV release/comeback

    During Run Era, they have HYYH On stage concert a week before real comeback in MAMA 2015 and music shows

    Can we start date prediction?

    14/21 Feb-MV release
    18-19 Feb-WINGS concert at Gocheok Skydome
    Short promo period min 1 weeks-max 3 weeks
    12 March-WINGS TOUR outside korea 
    Date of MV release either 14 Feb or 21 Feb because Bighit love to drop MV on Monday*based of our past experience

    But if Bighit decide to comeback before concert 18-19 Feb

    Early Feb MV release maybe 7 Feb
    Comeback after 1 week/Comeback after concert
    Date prediction solely based on Bighit style and BTS previous comeback.

  30. I know we are worried about their health..but the boys are known very hardworking in everything..they cannot afford to lose all the momentum and success they get in 2016
    I do want them to rest..but they have bigger aim and I think BTS will not stop & Bang PD too, unless they achieve best boy group position so we must support them in everything they do.
    I think BTS Bighit already plan everything/in the process of planning. I bet the album finished a long time ago*Kookie and Namjoon has told us before, their new album is ready
    Now the next step is execution of their plan..and they need all support from ARMYs
    I will continue supporting them, but I am watching you Bighit,Please take care of our boys well.

  31. Im ready for Wings Full ver, You Never Walk Alone and Blood Sweat Tears Slow Jam ver(in the teaser).

  32. So in short, "We're a mess!"

  33. The recording industry official said, “Other agencies are paying attention to the releasing date of BTS’s album. Some singers are trying to avoid promoting during the same period.”. mk

    These sentences give me goosebumps.. From nugu group to a group that others afraid of.. Wanna cry out loud 😭

  34. I fucking knew it! They don't atay quite in twitter and comeback as if nothing happened unless they were preparing for something! Anyway i just deactivated my twitter yesterday because finals are coming up and decided to check peachisoda only to find out about the comeback, thank you you saved me! Wish me luck I really need it it's my last year as a university student pray for my gpa :(

  35. My bubble hope has just burst..LOL. But, its ok. Maybe they'll prepare another new song for MV and I'll still be excited.

  36. Good Luck!Don't worry, you'll do very well.Concentrate on your studies.It's your first priority :)

  37. We saw this coming anyway. I still think it's a bit too soon to have a comeback but they probably want to do the comeback after this one a little bit earlier on in the year. But I'm excited to see what they've got prepared for us since they never disappoint!

  38. Im in the same situation as you im on last year and exams are coming but bts have comeback around the same time i have to prey for my grades

  39. SAY#ITZGONNABE火10 January 2017 at 21:36

    I think that You'll Never Walk Alone is their intro...cause omg...all the time they always reveal the intros on some awarding ceremony performances...

  40. SAY#ITZGONNABE火10 January 2017 at 21:37

    But man...i think they'll be so busy again..and we'll be busy again. WE ALL ARE GONNA BE SO BUSY AGAIN THIS YEAR. LET'S DO THIS!!!!
    LET'S WORK HARD😊👍💕💜💜💜

  41. this is awesome..! but i truly hope they manage to have good rest between their hectic schedule and not overwork ...i want bangtan to stay healthy and happy too

  42. exactly. And besides, they always say how armys give them strength and happiness. when you love what you do, fatigue doesn't really mean thing, yeah it's there, it's annoying, but then you do what you love and the tiredness loses its power. So even if they're tired, they don't feel it. But the company is still better in handling our boys' health, so I wouldn't worry this much.

  43. i only heard of avoiding Bigbang album release before!! (see variety show "strong heart")
    now artists avoid bts!! they grown a lot this year!! i'm soooo happy!!

  44. i love their long and good quality MV, but wish for the new MV to be a bit shorter!!
    - spend less time to film, so less exhausting for the boys
    - army can see the MV more, more views......

  45. You guys can read this if you want or bash me if you want (Take me to the guardhouse if you want >.>)

    This is no hate to TWICE but I found it extremely strange when BTS lost towards them >.>
    Is it just me? Like I love TWICE (Multi-fandom at it's finest) But other agencies are avoiding??
    BTS won all awards during RUN period but not all for BST which was super strange to me.
    (As for TWICE gaining a hella lots of views on TT -not that I'm sort of complaining xD- which was strange too)
    But also not strange because I heard A LOT of fandoms decided to just join with TWICE to just help them to beat BTS because they didn't like them (or us ARMY)
    Is it really just me thinking like this? o-o

    TBH. I really do think we're a bit terrible at voting >.> We set with one goal or two and then we slowly stop...?
    Does that make sense? Example.
    We reached 6Mill views on BST in 24 hours.
    We reached 12Mill views on BST in 48 hours. (That's double)
    Then we slowly went down.

    If we somehow continued to work harder and gain 6Mil EACH DAY...
    Honestly I think we could of beat a lot of records o-o But we just somehow slowly stopped.
    We could of reached that goal of 20 or 30 (I forgot) Mill under a month if we kept going strong with 6Mill per day.

    Our voting too. It's pretty bad >.> If you're going to say I'm not a true ARMY for saying this then I'm sorry but it's honestly the truth if you really do think about it >..> You may lead me to the guardhouse ~

  46. Digital sales factor heavily into music show scores and TT did very well digitally (as of now it has sold more than 1m downloads according to gaon). Usually, boy groups can make up for that difference against girl groups through physical sales but Twice's album sales are strong as well, plus it was their first week versus bts's third(?) week. I don't understand the suspicion towards TT's views either because Cheer Up was a huge hit and they're really popular?

    As for the MV views, it's impossible to do 6m a day because it's normal for the view count to decrease over time since not only fans watch the MV. That 6m includes casual fans and non-fans checking out the hype. I'm not denying that Armys might be bad at voting (I don't really know if we are) but at least we're innovative? (That #TEAMFIRE #TEAMBST etc famwar is so cute) it's a good thing to want to do better for bangtan though and we all want the best for them <3


  48. Like @disqus_Mw16KWlTaL:disqus has already said, it was not strange that twice won over bts. You have to look at the whole picture. Twice does have amazing digital sales with even getting multiple PAKs and CAKs. Their physical albums sales are also really good for a girl group. And the most important factor is really the difference when both started promoting. BTS was already in their third week when twice had a comeback, so it's obvious thatTwice's first week sales would be much better than BTS' third week sales.

  49. youre right! remind me that wings album didnt have 'outro' omg

  50. i thought at least they'll comeback on may, isnt feb too fast😥

  51. taetaeluvchimchim11 January 2017 at 05:42

    I remember watching a talk show, the one Kang Hodong and Lee Seung Gi hosted, where BB was in and the other artist/singers where asking Seungri when BB will release their album because they are trying to avoid promoting during the same time. They were relieved that it wasn't just yet but then Taeyang will release a solo, which was basically the same thing.

    Seeing how other artists are somewhat threatened to BTS make me proud. We know how they are all Big fanboys for BB and we do wish that their success will match or even exceed that of BB.

  52. Its sooooo unlike bighit to give hints on a comeback...They usually just go BHAAAM!! TEASERS !INTRO ETC ETC AND DRIVE ARMY'S MAD WITH THEORIES!!

  53. This makes sense especially considering that there are about two to three weeks between the concerts in Seoul and the continuation of the tour in Chile which would qualify as a short promotion period.

  54. I'm afraid they're being overworked...They prepared so many stages for the year end ceremonies. How did they find the time to prepare for a new comeback? The members themselves aren't that enthusiastic about working nonstop. I remember JK saying that every year he thinks they're going to be less busy but that it never gets any less and then he consoled himself saying it was a positive thing they were busy. I couldn't help notice how there was a longing for some rest that he couldn't express. My wish for them to rest is bigger than my wish to hear new songs from them.

  55. Koro JelaBEACH-sensei11 January 2017 at 10:54

    I'm starting to wonder what agencies are threatened by BTS' comeback.

  56. I know you meant the boys with this comment but it actually gave me strength. Atm I am really stressed out but reading your lines I remembered I should not care about being exhausted bcs I do what I love

  57. /hugs/ I'm glad you feel better ^.^ I spoke from my own experience, I can be really tired and sleepy, but then I remember that I do it because I love it so much and so I continue doing that, but it's very important to take care of yourself, especially if you're stressed, so drink a lot of water and laugh a lot, it reduces stress and makes the work much easier ^^ keep up!! <3

  58. The last 3 comebacks had always fallen on my midterm months. And this one will too, sigh. Looks like I'm not going to sleep in February


    "The recording industry official said, “Other agencies are paying
    attention to the releasing date of BTS’s album. Some singers are trying
    to avoid promoting during the same period.”.
    finally BTS is shaking others when its time to comeback hahahah
    im proud!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

    dont be... they probably will promote for a week as they did with young forever.

    im sure that the new songs and dance/s were ready when WINGS came out.
    its logical cuz:
    1. its been only 4 month, and with all the end of year preformances they couldnt have had time to recored everything or write new songs for an album
    2. MOST IMPORTENT: jungkook in his V live show said "we are ready to release our album" (this live was a way after wings was released)- meaning almost everything was already done.
    3. rapmon gave clues to it in his live show.
    SO YEAH the only thing that they have left to do in my opinion is just photoshots and printing the album for us to buy XDDDD

  61. dont worry ^^ im sure it will be like eith young forever that they promoted for a week hahah

  62. its the first thing that came to my mind after those news... cuz if u remember kookie said in his live that they are ready to release their album xDD so everything except photobook was ready back than..
    with all their end of year preformances its unlikey that they had time to preper an album in such short time XDDD

  63. bighit will not over work them.. im sure! so dont be worried ^_^
    plus in this short amount of time with all the preformances... im sure they had everything ready whne wings came out. and its said that they will promote for short time.. i think it will be like with young forever when they promoted for a week XD

  64. i think they will release it in the 1st week of february... and have like a week of promotiones as they did with young forever.. this way it wont be so packed for them before the concert.. plus they might include the new songs in wings tour so i'll go with week 1 of next month XD

  65. hahaah i thought they would come in april like the every 6-7 months comeback that they do hahah
    i guess that they will do wings's last letter S as we all predicted back in october when only WING came haha and than they will start a new trilogy XDD

  66. I actually think the opposite. Sure they want rest because practicing and performing continuously can be really straining to the body, but I also remember them (I think it was Jimin, Namjoon, Jk, maybe Tae -- not really sure) saying that they love to work and how performing makes them happy. I'm sure Yoongi, even though he's the less enthusiastic when it comes to physical activity, also doesn't mind the added load because this man lives and breathes for music. He's okay with performing so long as he can share his work with the fans (I'm pretty sure he's said similar stuff in bangtan bombs/interviews but I can't remember where it is anymore).

    There's an entire thread in twitter that's better at explaining this issue. Yes, we're always fussing over them, worried about their health and well-being, but we should also take note that they're grown men and that performing is something that they love to do. And unlike other groups, BTS aren't as busy with variety projects and other activities because they mostly focus on their music. They're schedule is also free for January, excluding the upcoming award shows, so they've had enough time to rest and go back to their families (Yoongi)/hang out with friends (Hobi with Zelo and Tae with Bogum).

    They know what they're doing, and I'm sure bighit isn't that stupid to completely (to the point of passing out) overwork their main source of income (armys will come for their throats if that happens). So we shouldn't worry too much and just hope for the best.

  67. i'm soooo excited, new music/song(s), new choreo, new performance, new slayage >3<

    NEW ERA!!! OFC...
    I CANT WAIT >,<


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