[Article] 161203 [2016 MAMA③] BTS gives dream and hope with "Blood Sweat & Tears"

Boy group BTS who is receiving love and attention from Billboard and other music charts hit their peak by winning the Daesang.

BTS won the "Artist of the Year" award which is one of the three Daesangs of "2016 MAMA"which was held on 2nd December evening in Hong Kong AWE. When actress Ha Jiwon who was the presenter of the award saw the card that had the name of the winning team, she looked convinced by the name written on the card. That was probably how we all felt. BTS gradually sang about the youth and now they represent the youth.

BTS won two awards including the "Artist of the Year" award at this event. They were first called out as the winner of "Best Dance Performance - Male Group". BTS was recognized for their perfectly in sync group choreography performance and the dreamy musical like stages. J Hope who is in charge of the choreography of their group expressed, "This award means a lot to us. We really love our ARMYs who support us always. We're grateful to our choreography teacher.".

We could say that they received the "Dance Performance" award in a cheerful and bright atmosphere but their Daesang winning moment was very touching. Rap Monster talked in Korean and English during their acceptance speech and said, "We went through many moments after our debut. Many said we will not make it. But we're grateful to our fans who believed in us until the end. You turned our dream into a reality. We're very grateful to our company staffs who make great music for us, choreographer and the staffs as well." and shed tears.

Their acceptance speech was ended with a group hug. BTS's music and performance which holds their "Blood Sweat & Tears" are really becoming "dreams and hope" to some people. It's irony but this is the directing point of BTS. Even when you look at BTS's 2016, although they suffered from various controversies, BTS was recognized by Daesang and just like their "HYYH" series, BTS completed the perfect growth phase in reality.

Meanwhile, BTS ended the Part 2 of the award ceremony. Their linked performance of "Boy Meets Evil", "Blood Sweat & Tears" and "FIRE" expressed diverse genres and that helped the viewers to confirm their charms. BTS proved once again that they are the "Artist of the Year" with their performance. From youthful beauty to sexiness, BTS unraveled various stories in splendid colors and caught the eyes of both Korean and international fans.

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1. Seriously from a small company idol to winning a Daesang.. I think BTS's effort showed the result. Congrats BTS♡ +505 -24

2. I cried when I saw them crying at MAMA. They went through so much hardship to reach here.. thank you so much for enduring. Congrats on reaching your goal and I hope you will continue growing bigger and walk only on flower road.♥ I will support you with all my heartㅎㅎ +387 -16

3. BTS, you worked hard. I hope you will not lose your first intentions. +329 -15

4. I think the journalist sounds like ARMY ㅎ +300 -14

5. You worked so hard. Congrats on winning the Daesang BTS. Let's only walk on flower road with ARMY. +297 -14

6. It wasn't controversies, they were accusations and attacks with malicious intentions. The trend will rise no matter how much they try to walk over them. BTS holds this great power called sincerity/truth and there's nothing that can stop them. They're fit to be the role models of teenagers. +93 -7

7. They didn't create controversies, they suffered from "accusations" made by antis +84 -4

8. I'm always amazed by their passon and I always fall in love with BTS because of the effort they make and their gratitude ♡ +72 -1

9. They're the first artist not from a big company to win the Daesang at MAMA~ I think this makes it more meaningful and you can't help but agree that BTS deserves it because of the effort and their talent! +65 -0

10. My artist for life♡ I'm lucky to live in the same era with you♡ +66 -1

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