[Article] 161204 [Today's★Birthday] 12.4 BTS Jin shares remix of his self written+composed song-Eat Jin, etc.. He's indeed the maker of the contents

Today (4th) is group BTS Jin's birthday. Jin (real name: Kim Seokjin) was born on December 4th 1992 and he is the eldest member of the group. With his fair skin and small face, Jin is the member in charge of the team's visual and he's also the "entrance" ( the reason why fans join the fandom) of BTS. Due to his handsome visual, Jin was given the nickname "차문남" (car door guy) at Melon Music Awards and received great attention.

You can see the real charms of Jin which are different compared to his looks. He looks like a quiet guy who popped out of a comic book but he's known as the talkative ahjumma. Also, he's favorite color is pink and this triggers the motherly affections in their fans. He also has a "fanboy" instinct for Maple Story and Super Mario.

Besides, he's in charge of the meals of BTS with his excellent cooking skills. He prepares Tteokguk (rice cake soup) on Lunar New Year's Day to his members nd he is a person with a warm heart who even prepared seaweed soup for his members on their birthdays during the early days of their debut.

He's also a famous contents maker. By making use of his talents, Jin goes beyond the contents planned out by their company. He shares recipes, does mukbang holds photoshop contest and many other contents to interact with their fans.

He revealed the list of "Jin's Festa" for his birthday this year. He's communicating with the fans on V App, Eat Jin, remix of his self written+composed song, Class S photos, "Game with Jin" and much more.

Jinsta (Jin's Festa) List
1) Opening - V App
2) Blog Eat Jin
3) Jin Remix Ver
4) Jin's handwritten letter (official cafe)
5) Class S photo (Facebook)
6) Game with Jin 

◆ Jin's related search word : BTS awake

"awake" is Jin's self composed+written song. Jin has been uploading cover songs on his birthdays and this time he shated the Christmas Version of his own song "awake". I suggest you to listen to the song because there's a message personally recorded by Jin at the end. 

Jin wrote on their official blog, "I was thinking what would be a good song to share this year and I thought how about presenting you with Christmas version of awake. I thought it would be unique and fit my birthday too. So "Awake" with a new vibe was created with the help of Slow Rabbit hyung. I'm very happy to present this to you all."

He continued, "I wanted to wish the listeners  Merry pre- Christmas so I recorded the message in Hong Kong and that is how the audio was created. I hope you will have a blissful holiday after listening to this song. ARMYs, Merry pre-Christmas!".

◆ Jin's charms captured in photos





#mukbang_jin #EatJin
photoshoot like Eat Jin
it's high time for dessert brands to send him love calls for commercials
what should I eat next?


Jin's flying kiss...

please receive it!


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