[Article] 161206 [Gibberish] TanEk (BTS - EXO) war

The hot topic of the 2016 MAMA which is the 8th MAMA this year was the tears of boy group BTS who won the "Artist of the Year" award. The members wiped their tears with their fists when their leader Rap Monster said, "Many said we wouldn't do well but we're grateful to everyone who believed in us.". BTS thanked their fanclub ARMY. What happened to them?

▷ At the same time, you could hear EXO's fanclub EXO Ls' sighing. Although EXO won 4 awards including the "Album of the Year" award against other leading nominees, their fans couldn't really accept BTS's winning. "Our oppas got the "Artist of the Year" award taken away by a group like BTS..." While hardcore EXO fan elementary niece lost her temper, the next door high school student girl who is a fan of BTS cried her eyes out and said, "You have no idea the level of suppression we had to go through... Oppas did it by overcoming all the accusations and hateful comments.".

▷ Sure, there is competition between the idol groups created by entertainment companies who train their singing, dancing, performance and choose great visuals but the driving force of today's KPOP golden age are the fandoms who are the consumers of this idol culture. The cohesiveness and extreme dedication of their fans (who are mostly teenagers) are beyond our imagination. Even during 2008  US Beef candlelight protest, TVXQ's fanclub came out on the street and said, "Our oppas might end up with holes in their brains by eating meat from mad cows.". This is the Korean phenomenon that surprises the world.

▷ I can understand the subculture of stressed teenagers who blindly follow idols, support wrong ideas and create competition. However, attacking other artists by going beyond the point of supporting your own artist, dividing into groups and bullying based on the artist one supports concerns me. The phenomenon of adults refusing to eat or talk together when they have a different ideology or support different political parties is happening in the idol world as well. I think we should also focus on the phenomenon and the meaning of "TanEk war", which is happening on the surface of the Impeachment. We have no right to criticize one's preference.

(t/n: 탄액/ tanek = 방"탄"소년단 (BTS) + "엑"소 (EXO). 탄핵/tanhaek = impeachment. pun)

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1. I think this post is just creating a fanwar...? BTS cried because of the long hardships they went through until now and EXO fans felt that way because they were looking forward to seeing EXO winning the award... the immature fans are the ones starting the issues. Many of us congratulate each other too. And BTS and EXO are close to each other so I'm not very happy to see articles like this +255 -12

2. I think it would be a good idea to take this article down. You're just starting a fanwar and true fans don't really go on Naver articles because it's a waste of time. We vote, stream, watching music videos, buy albums and talk about their concert instead... +196 -1

3. ah what is wrong with this journalist? the journalist indeed sounds like they're gibbering +180 -1

4. I think you over-interpreted the meaning behind their tears when they just cried because they were overwhelmed to win the award they had been dreaming for a long time... why do you write an article that doesn't even link by bringing another fandom into this ㅎㅎ You're right about others not having the right to criticize one's preference but I think that doesn't reflect your article. I really think you were gibbering at late hour... +178 -6

5. They cried on stage because they had been walking on an uneven road since their debut. They were overwhelmed so they cried. They didn't cry because of any other reason. +187 -15

6. Your words sound gibberish just like the title of the article +59 -0

7. you really wrote a fine piece of bs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ why are EXO fans always elementary students? It's the 5th year of EXO so are their fans Peter Pans? Are they forever elementary students without aging? +58 -2

8. The word "tanek" really doesn't look right +60 -3

9. You're saying that it's subcultural to support idols blindly? The subculture you criticized today is the driving force of today's global KPOP industry. Artists can't survive without their fans. OF course, it's absolutely wrong to attack other groups and fandoms but every action has consequences. I think you tried to compare the present issue to idols but some parts of your article bother me. And FYI, I'm not a young person nor a teenager. I'm an old grown up. +56 -2

10. what do you mean by what could have happened to them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they cried because they probably remembered their trainee days and the hardships they went through to reach here +39 -0

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