[Article] 161206 PENTAGON Yuto, Yan An "We met senior Shinee and BTS during our debut promotion, it felt like a dream"

PENTAGON Yuto and Yan An talked about the seniors they met during their promotion in Korea.

Pentagon's send mini album FIVE SENSES showcase was held on 6th evening 4PM at Yes24 Live Hall. Yuto said, "I'm a fan of senior Shinee. We got to meet them because we were promoting at the same time and it felt like a dream. I realized that we had finally made our debut when we saw the seniors we had been seeing on TV in real life.".

Yan An continued, "I like senior BTS. I have so many things to learn from them and I hope we become like them.". Member Go Shin Won further explained Yan An's remark, "I think he was very moved by their performance. It was different to watch their performance live and not on TV. Even I learned a lot and felt many things from them."

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