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(T/N: 10덕 = 씹덕 (ssip-deuk) (10 is "십/sip"). It's a slang used to describe idols who are extremely cute.)

It's the golden days of idols. Let me rewrite that, idol saturation. In the midst of ocean of idols with various different charms, [10덕 Point] provides a "fangirl/boy" guide to future "fans" who aren't sure which group they should stan. Rising rookies, members who weren't mentioned often due to their group's popularity, and including masterpiece songs and performances which didn't receive enough attention because of the public's prejudice against idols. We captured the charms of idols in nanoscale as we felt bad for not realizing their charms earlier.

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*덕후 (duk-ku): It means mania and it was derived from the Japanese word "otaku".
** 입덕 (ip-duk): the process of turning into a mania of something

◆ The good examples of using SNS 

The days when the distance between the idols and their fans were as far away as the audience seat from the stage is now an old tale. Recently, idols have been actively using SNS and this is now a rising strategy to advance into the KPOP world. Idols share their daily life on SNS and interact with their fans. The fans feel closely connected with their idols as they can access the moments shared by idols on the SNS accounts anytime and anywhere. We will introduce you the groups who make good examples of using SNS, they are BTS, Monsta X, Astro and VIXX.

◆ Boy groups SNS Fan love competition

4 hearts

BTS Jimin (@BTS_twt)

#JIMIN #No1_at_giving_awards_to_ARMYS #Bangtan_monitoring_fairy

Monsta X Wonho (@OfficialMonstaX)

#Wonho #realtime_update_fairy #in_relationship_with_monbebe_for_576days 

Astro Jinjin (@offclASTRO)

#Jinjin #Aroha_talks_about_jinjin #we_support_jinjaks_hardwork

VIXX N (@achahakyeon)

#N #Chahakyeon #recordoftheday #starlights_are_curious_about_haekyeons_everyday_life

◆BTS Jimin, the official fan-fool

I'm so so happy because of ARMY
Thank you for the great award
#Jimin #ourARMYwontheaward

How BTS Jimin uses Twitter

BTS is the leading idol who gained international fandom by actively using SNS. The 7 members recommend music, shares daily fashion photos, travel photos, etc. They work hard to post the moments they'd like to share with their fans. Among the members, Jimin caught our eyes with his love for their fans. Whenever Jimin ends their schedule, he uploads short videos or photos to share his thoughts. That's not all. He monitors every individual schedule of other members and support them by watching their program real-time or by posting screenshots of him streaming their songs. When BTS wins the first place on music shows or at award ceremonies, he shares his thoughts about their winning and adds "#ourARMYwontheAward" hashtag. ARMY is the official fanclub of BTS. He gives the glory to their winning to the fans and moves them. He makes the heart of the ladies flutter by speaking half formal, half informal, known as 반존대 speech in his tweets. I'm sure Jimin knows something.

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