[Article] 161211 BTS, "It's an honor to win the 1st place with our album. We feel rewarded for our sincere work."

It's the birth of the rising stars. Girl groups still remained strong on music charts and the boy groups swept the music charts. Surprise rivals like Han Donggeun, Bolbbalgan and the OST of popular dramas gained explosive popularity and took over the music charts in a flash. 

With various music enjoyed by the listeners this year, TWICE created a hit song as a strong artist on music charts, and girl groups like Gfriend and Mamamoo caught our attention with their power.  KBS 2TV "Descendant of the Sun" which surpassed 40% rating also influenced the music chart and Davinci topped the OST Chart as well. 

# BTS "We feel rewarded for our sincere work"

This year is an unforgettable year to group BTS. The group is in their 4th year since debut and they achieved their dream by winning their first Daesang at the gayo awards ceremony. Their second full album which released in October recorded 710,000 sales and they set the best record according to Gaon Chart. This is the birth of a new Album King.

BTS expressed their thoughts to OSEN, "We want to really thank for the support we received this year. We feel we're rewarded generously for creating every song and every album with sincerity.".

They strengthened their resolution, "We wish the songs and contents in our album to be worthier than the price you pay to buy our albums. When we write lyrics or music notes, we hope we would create songs the listeners would enjoy listening for a long time. We believe many people felt our sincerity. We attribute all the glory to ARMYs (fans) around the world and we will strive to create more valuable songs by working hard for every song in our next albums.".

BTS continued, "We put our heart and soul for our performances as well and not only for our albums. We will begin our "WINGS" world tour after our first concert in Seoul next February. We are preparing to visit as many cities as possible to repay the love sent by ARMYs around the world. We are practicing night and day for all the audience who attend our concert to enjoy our show. We hope you will look forward to it and we ask for your continuous support and love to BTS as well.".

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