[Article] 161213 [2016 Report] Final boss of girl group is Twice, BTS advancing to the world

There were two new names in this year's gayo award ceremony Daesangs. It's BTS and TWICE. They brought changes to this year's idol group spectrum and they formed the "Top 3 groups" together with EXO. TWICE built a solid fandom and public popularity and BTS is advancing into the world beyond Korea.

EXO, BTS, and TWICE respectively won "Artist of the Year", "Album of the Year", and "Song of the Year" at 2016 Merespectivelywards (MMA) and the three groups won the Daesangs at 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). EXO who has been dominating the gayo industry for the last 4 years, BTS, and TWICE were the winners. BTS won the "Album of the Year" award at MMA and won "Artist of the Year" award at MAMA. TWICE won the "Song of the Year" award at both award ceremonies. 

The objective figures proved why they won their awards. According to the "Preview of 2016 Gaon Yearly Chart" released by the Korea Music Content Industry Association based on information collected from January 1st to the 4th week of November, TWICE's "Cheer Up" topped the Digital Chart while BTS's album "WINGS" topped the Album chart.

Korea is limited to BTS

BTS's "WINGS" which was released in October recorded 710,000 sales according to Gaon Chart. This is the highest figure calculated by Gaon Chart since the chart began. The group climbed as the trend idol group with their "HYYH" series and they literally flew to the peak with "WINGS". 

It's safe for us to rate them higher since BTS is rising as the new K POP hallyu leader. 

BTS is the first Korean artist to debut at No.26 on Billboard main album chart "Billboard 200" with "WINGS". This is their third continuous entry on the chart after their "HYYH" Part 2 and 3. Furthermore, they set a new record by entering UK Official Chart (No.62) as the first Korean artist.

According to the recent Year End 2016 chart released by Billboard, BTS ranked No.5 on "Wolrd Album Artist" Chart. That's not all. Their album "WINGS" charted at No. 6 on "World Album" chart and their "HYYH pt.2"  which was release last year ranked No. 9. They had 2 albums in the top 10 spots.

BTS's global popularity is more meaningful since the expandability of  KPOP Hallyu has recently narrowed down. 

The groups had more opportunity and demand when the KPOP Hallyu boom began but with hallyu dying down, the artists now have fewer opportunities to advance into other countries. The current situation is "groups who succeed will only get the chance". But BTS recently shattered this narrow wall. They're showing prominent growth by performing in other countries.

After their first World tour in 2015 which attracted 80,000 spectators, they gathered 150,000 fans for their Asia Tour. Moreover, BTS now has a global fandom which is completely different from before. We are anticipating to see what kind of success BTS who will be starting their world tour in February next year would achieve.

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1. BTS, you really worked hard ㅠㅠ Thank you very much for enduring all hardship and reaching here even when people said you wouldn't succeed. You all worked really hard ㅠㅠ And thank you very much for comforting ARMYs all the time. Thank you so much for making me feel proud to support BTS as my singer!!❤️❤️ You will fly higher next year with your wings on!! +83 -4

2. I think BTS will be able to grow bigger. This is just the beginning +60 -2

3. Why are BTS's albums so high quality~ I really love all the songs! looking forward to your next album! +58 -3

4. TWICE, you worked really hard this year and BTS, you also worked hard. I hope both groups continue to succeed next year too and grow close as well. Love you♡♡♡♡ +55 -2

5. BTS, you worked hard this year and I'll be anticipating for your concert ^^ I hope there would be a seat.... -_- +47 -0

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