[Article] 161213 "Hwarang" - From Choi Minho to Kim Taehyung, the 4 different "youths" felt by the director

Choi Minho, Do Jihan, Cho Yoonwoo and Kim Taehyung came together as the blinding youths, "Hwarangs". 

KBS2 new Mon-Tue drama "Hwarang" will premiere on December 19th. The drama was pre-produced 100% and this is the first drama that talks about Silla Hwarang. "Hwarang"  is named as the best work to conclude the second half of 2016. 

"Hwarang" is the story of the glowing youths that traveled around Seorabeol 1500 years ago. Radiating youth actors like Park Seojoon (Moomyung/ Sunwoo), Go Ara (Aro), Park Hyungsik (Sambaekjong) joined the cast. And there are 4 other youths beside them. They are Choi Mino (Suho), Do Jihan (Banryu), Cho Yoonwoo (Yeowool) and Kim Taehyung (Hansung). It's time for us to listen to the 4 different charms of the 4 youths from "Hwarang" director Yoon Sungsik. His answers will make you look even more forward to the first episode of "Hwarang" on 19th.

The feelings director Yoon Sungsik felt from Kim Taehyung (V/ BTS) who played the role of the youngest Hwarang "Hansung" was special. Director Yoon Sungsik recalled, "It's true that I was worried because of his lack of experience since this was his first attempt at acting. However, as time passed, Kim Taehyung wiped out our worries.". He continued to praise him, "He really pulled off the role of Hansung who is the cute, lovely and handsome youngest Hwarang. His natural sense and unique personality really stood out." 

Kim Taehyung who better known as BTS member "V" by the public is making his first acting debut with "Hwarang". They say he boasted perfect synchronization with his character Hansung including his visual and personality. Kim Taehyung was also the youngest among "Hwarang" actors and it is said that he added special individuality and energy into the work.

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