[Article] 161214 BTS remains on US Billboard "Social 50" for 3 straight weeks... They proved their global popularity

Group BTS topped the Billboard "Social 50" Chart for 3 straight weeks.

According to the recent chart released by US Billboard, BTS is No.1 on "Social 50" chart, they also ranked No.6 on "World Album" with their second full album "WINGS" and recorded No.25 on "Artist 100" Chart.

BTS has remained on the No.1 spot for 3 straight weeks on "Social 50" Chart and maintained their position in "top 10" places for 9 weeks straight in "World Album" Chart. Although the group has ended their official promotion, their fame continued to stay alive. 

According to the recent "Year End 2016" chart revealed by Billboard, BTS was the only Korean artist to get their name in 4 charts. This proved their global popularity.

Previously, BTS also debuted at No.26 on Billboard 200 which is the highest charting record set by Korean artist with their second full album "WINGS". That's not al, they entered the "Billboard 200" with 3 continuous albums and remained on the chart for 2 straight weeks. They were also the first Korean artist to enter the UK Official Album Chart at No.62. The group achieved and set various new records.

Meanwhile, BTS will be holding their "2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR in Seoul" at Gocheok Skydome in Seoul on 18th and 19th February next year.

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1. I think BTS is really amazing~!! Seriously BTS is a group that is mentioned a lot with the phrase "the first (Korean artist)" and I can't imagine how hard they must have worked to reach where they are today... BTS, fighting for 2017 too! +137 -1

2. as expected! Now Korea is too small for BTS to promote... +128 -1

3. BTS is a group I really look forward to their next year performance! +123 -0

4. 2016 is BTS's year +124 -2

5. BTS, you really worked hard for this promotion :) let's continue to fly higher  +115 -0

6. In one of the recent article I read, they said it's hard to find a well-equipped group like them that has musicality, talent and fandom.... +53 -0

7. They are an artist I look forward to seeing their future!! They always caught my eyes but I fell into BTS's hold with this album ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I searched and listened to all songs from their previous albums and I'm watching the videos too. I will always support you :) +45 -0

8. BTS is a rare group with members who are all equally talented! Their fandom really solidified this year with the latest album. I'm really looking forward to next year...! +41 -0

9. BTS pride!! ㅎㄹㅎㅎ +41 -0

10. It's hard to find songs that sound good even when years pass. I can't help listening to your old songs again. Let's continue to see each other for 10 years, 20 years, for a long, long time. I love BTS's music. Fighting!! +40 -0

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