[Article] 161215 [2016 Gayo Industry①] Revealed by the 10 Gayo Entertainment Companies... 2016 self-evaluation

2016 was an eventful year. This includes the current political situation as well as the entertainment industry. We really cannot miss out the Gayo Industry events. The birth of rookie groups and some also groups said goodbye. Some groups made successful comebacks and some of them also announced their new leap as they rose as the top groups. Some continued to boast their undying potential and we also have groups that showed a rapid uptrend. 

XportsNews selected this year's top 10 gayo entertainment companies of Korea to take a moment and listen to each company's "2016 self-evaluation". Since the staffs of the companies evaluated their own company, we hope you will understand the staff's love for their own artist. We believe the key points of this article would be the different tone of the staffs and the group focused by each company. 

◈ Bighit "Good results made by their consistency"

The consistency and faithfulness of BTS, Homme and other artists of their company brought good results this year. After the successful ending of "HYYH" series, BTS became the first Korean artist and set the highest record on US Billboard and UK Chart with their second full album "WINGS".  We believe this was an opportunity that showed the possibilities of K POP. They are also solidifying their position in Japan so we're looking forward to their next year performance. They are planning to continue their growth by starting their World Tour in February next year. As expected, even Homme received continuous love as emotional vocalists.

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