[Article] 161215 BTS "We are people who do music without labeling ourselves as idol or musician"

Boy group BTS revealed their photos which stole the hearts of the ladies.

The five members of BTS- Rap Monster, Suga, J Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook pulled off various styling created using items like leather jackets, perfect winter coats, and turtleneck knits to complete the boyfriend-look for the photoshoot by fashion magazine Singles.

Also, when the group who have swept the Daesangs at recent awards ceremonies after ending their "Blood Sweat & Tears" promotion were asked if they're not bored of their endlessly repeating schedule of working on music, practicing, promoting and concerts, the members expressed their gratitude to BTS's performance by replying, "It's what we wanted to do. We think these are very enjoyable because these are things we really love doing.".

In particular, Rap Monster quietly revealed the driving force to his continuous music-making, "But when I feel quite tired after busy schedule, someone inside my head keeps telling me to write lyrics.".

BTS members personally take part in writing their own songs and music even for their solo tracks so when we asked them about their concerns in finding their identity between idol and musicians, Suga replied, "It's true that good music is recognized under all circumstances. Without labeling ourselves as idol or musician, we are people who do music and we worry about making many good songs.". He expressed his passion and confidence to present their fans with better music.

Charismatic perfectly in sync group choreography they perform on the stage is the trademark of BTS. They captured the hearts of the ladies especially during their recent promotion by adding sexy gaze to their performance. Jimin began, "This concept is an irresistible temptation.". As the member who was selected as the sexiest member, Jimin playfully revealed his personal sexy point, "I tried to think when I looked the sexiest to prepare better performance that will fit our concept. Other members would answer that they look the sexiest when they're focusing on their work- like writing songs or practicing the choreography but I look the sexiest when my eyes are puffy.".

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BTS members are boys overflowing with playfulness when they're not on stage so what could their dorm life be like? The five members replied that they don't feel uncomfortable living together at the dorm in unison as if they had planned the answer before. The members were worried that they might feel uncomfortable when they live separately. When we asked, "But everyone sometimes need time on our own", Rap Monster laughed and replied, "I seriously think about moving out on my own when V shouts while playing the game with headphones on.". Maknae Jungkook said, "I'm the only member who uses the room by myself after winning rock, paper, scissors.". He showed his mischievous side unlike his charismatic image when they're on stage.

The special photoshoot and interview of BTS who has grown as the "trend" and lives up to their modifier will be available on the January issue of magazine "Singles" and via "Singles" mobile.

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