[Article] 161216 "Hwarang" Park Seojoon, "I was worried at first because it was BTS V's first acting role but...?"

Park Seojoon shared his thoughts about BTS V (Kim Taehyung's acting, "I was worried at first but he's very friendly and he was very cute when he was around us.".

Press conference of KBS 2TV new Mon-Tue drama "Hwarang" was held at Imperial Palace Hotel on 16th. Park Seojoon, Go Ara, Park Hyungsik, Shinee Choi Minho, Do Jihan, BTS V (Kim Taehyung) and others attended the press conference.

On this day, Park Seojoon said, "I took the maknae position even at my previous drama. After deciding to appear on Hwarang, I noticed that other actors were younger than me. I thought "oh dear!". I got to experience being the "middle position". There are many 91ers but although it's hard to get along with people of same age, we got close very fast. There's no one with bad personality among us so we harmonized well. I'm personally grateful to Kim Taehyung. I was a worried because this was his first acting role. I thought it was something he had to go through but he was very friendly ever since our first script reading. It was really cute to see him trying to get along with us.". 

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