[Article] 161216 "Hwarang" PD "I decided to cast BTS V at first sight"

"Hwarang" director Yoon Sungsik PD expressed his affection for Kim Taehyung.

During the press conference of KBS2 new Mon-Tue drama Hwarang which was held at Imperial Palace Hotel on 16th, Yoon Sungsik PD said, "We chose Mr. Kim Taehyung as we fell in love with him at first sight.".

Kim Taehyung is BTS V. He is the first BTS member to challenge acting.

Yoon Sungsik PD explained, "Kim Taehyung's character "Hansung" had to be a very bright and innocent character. But it's a many-sided character whose innocence will be scarred later.".

He continued to express his affection, "We selected Mr. Kim Taehyung after casting other "Hwarangs" but we could tell he was a person with bright personality at first sight. We fell in love at first sight. He was very cute".

Kim Taehyung said, "I was very nervous and worried but "Hwarang" hyungs helped me a lot. They looked at my script and practiced with me so my worries disappeared.".

He also expressed his gratitude, "I didn't have a long time to prepare for the drama because we had BTS tour during "Hwarang" production. But the pressure disappeared because I could practice with hyungs at the set."

Meanwhile, "Hwarang" will air on 19th at 10PM.

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