[Article] 161217 This year's Donation Angels! Kim Sunggyu (Infinite), BTS

Infinite Kim Sunggyu who recently captured the hearts with their powerful yet sorrowful song "The Eye" and the trend group BTS who swept Daesangs at various award ceremonies are the donation angels of December by ranking No.1 in individual and group charts, respectively.

In the Group Category, BTS secured the No.1 place for seven months straight. They had been donating the last months as Donation Angels and this proved that BTS is the trend of the trend.

BTS set new records by topping Billboard "Social 50" chart for 3 weeks straight. They are the first Korean artist and this proved BTS's global popularity.

"최애돌" is an idol ranking mobile app which provides a space for their fans to share various contents and support their favorite idols. The fans vote every day and the company donates one million won (around $850) under the names of the group and individual idol who topped the charts to Miral Welfare Foundation to help isolated low-income handicapped children.

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