[Article] 161221 [2017 Gayo Industry②] 2017 plans of the "rising new strong companies"- Bighit, Pledis

Bighit Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment were the "rising strong" companies of 2016 that showed exceptional skills. BTS set new records as the first Korean artist, proved their global popularity and achieved the glory of winning their first Daesang. We had a look at Bighit's plan for 2017, who raised BTS.

◆ Bighit "Global leap for BTS... ↓ possibilities in launching their new artist"

"Highest selling album in Gaon Chart's history", "First Korean artist to enter the Billboard chart with 3 consecutive albums", etc. In 3 years since their debut, they won their first Daesang at the music awards ceremony and set new records in Korea and in other countries day after day. BTS will continue their global-scale promotion in 2017 as well. Firstly, the group will be focusing on their world tour- "WINGS Tour" which begins in February 2017 in Seoul then continues in Chile, Brazil, US, etc.  Since BTS is a self-producing idol group, the members will continue to focus on creating music and they're planning to make 2017 another year for BTS to prove their musicality.

V is currently appearing in the new KBS 2TV pre-produced drama "Hwarang" and it looks like the group will continue to expand their field with individual activities of the members including Rap Monster and Jungkook appearing on various variety shows. 

They're less likely to launch a BTS's follow-up boy group. On 20th, Bighit Entertainment revealed, "We are preparing but there aren't any definite plans." and even Bang Sihyuk producer stated, "Nothing has been decided." during his interview with XSports News last November.

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