[Article] 161222 [2016 Stoo Gayo Report] "The 3 heavenly kings of the Year of the Monkey" - EXO, BTS, TWICE

There are three "Monster" like groups who brought "Cheer Up" results by shedding "Blood, Sweat & Tears" in this year's gayo industry. It's EXO, BTS, and TWICE who swept the Dasangs at the 2016 Gayo Awards Ceremonies. 

EXO stands as the top singer of Korea by creating new records day after day. BTS entered the US Billboard main chart including Korean charts as well with their peerless musicality. And TWICE created a phenomenon with their "Shy Shy Shy". We cannot leave these three groups out when we talk about the Year of the Monkey's Gayo industry.

EXO, BTS, and TWICE took over the digital sales, album sales, music shows and went beyond to control the Gayo Awards Ceremonies. Let's take a look at the records they set during the Year of the Monkey.

◆ BTS, their popularity was literally set on fire

BTS revealed their special album "Young Forever" last May and they released their second full album "WINGS" in just 5 months and spent the busiest year than any other group.

Their title track "FIRE" from "HYYH Young Forever" and the title track "Blood, Sweat & Tears" from "WINGS" topped various album charts, digital charts and on music shows, proving the group's popularity.

BTS received fiery reaction from around the world. According to the "Year End 2016 Chart" revealed by Billboard, BTS ranked No. 5 on "World Album Artist" chart which is the highest ranking achieved by a Korean artist.

Also, BTS's "WINGS" ranked No.6 on "World Album" chart and "HYYH Young Forever" ranked No.9. Their album achieved the highest ranking among K pop albums, displaying their potentionals by entering the charts with two album in the "Top 10".

They solidified their position as trend idol by winng the "Cultural Minister's Award at the 7th South Korea  Pop Culture Awards", and swept the Daesangs at "2016 MAMA" and "2016 MMA". 

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