[Article] 161224 [Christmas Special Interview②] Cho Yoonwoo "If I had a baby sister, I would introduce Park Hyungsik and V"

Q. What was the atmosphere like at the "Hwarang" set?

Yoonwoo: It was really fun. This was my first time having so many same-aged friends while working on a drama/movie. There was a perfect balance because we had little brother Taehyung and eldest hyung Seojoon. Hyung really felt like our eldest brother. Park Hyungsik, Do Jihan and I acted as the waist of our team.

Q. People who have male siblings wish to have baby sisters. Let's just say you have a baby sister, would you like to introduce any "Hwarang" members to your sister?

Yoonwoo: I would pick Hyungsik and Taehyung if I had to pick two people. I picked Taehyung because I think she would be able to have a pure relationship with him. I think they would be a cute and happy couple. I feel delighted when I think of Taehyung. As for Hyungsik, I don't think he would make my baby sister cry. He looks like a responsible person.

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(T/N: I only translated the parts that mentioned Taehyung)

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