[Article] 161225 [★Jukebox] "Best 5" songs you should listen to on Christmas Day - Recommended by BTS

Group BTS spent a blazing year by capturing Korean music charts including the US Billboard chart. To celebrate Christmas, the members picked 5 songs they enjoy listening to and shared it with Spotvnews. Recently, BTS joined with Let's Share the heart campaign to spread their warm hearts. Even the Christmas songs recommended by the members are heart warming and have their own unique warm sensitivity.

◆ Rap Monster  - "When my loneliness calls for you"
Rap Monster picked "When my loneliness calls for you" (나의 외로움이 너를 부를 때) by Jang Pilsoon which is the title track from her 5th full album released in 1997. This is the song that made Jang Pilsoon the leading folk singer of Korea during 1990s. It's a melancholy song that also comforts you with her soothing voice. Rap Monster answered, "The song really has the scent of winter" when he was asked why he suggests this song.

◆ J Hope - "All of me"
Homme's "All of me" is the Christmas song recommended by J Hope. It's also a latest song which was released on 21st. J Hope said, "The song really suits Christmas. I'll continue to only listen to this song in Christmas". Changmin and Lee Hyun chased after pure ballad this time. The song expresses the true feelings of a man who is deeply in love. J Hope strongly recommends you this love letter-like song.

◆ Jungkook - "Merry Christmas in advance"
Jungkook chose IU. This is a popular carol by IU which was released in 2010 and it re-enters the chart every December. If "All I want for Christmas is you" by Mariah Carey is the most popular Pop carol, IU's "Merry Christmas in advance" is the most popular Gayo carol. Jungkook smiled and said, "I always listened to this song in Christmas. It would be nice to listen to it together with you all."

◆ Jin - "Silent Night"
Jin chose the traditional carol. He selected "Silent night" which is one of the most popularly sung carols around the world. It's a carol created during the 1800s in Austria. Jin explained, "This song should be played in the winter as expected and it's the best (season) to listen".

◆ Jimin - "Fa La La"
Jimin chose Justin Bieber's Christmas album: "Under the Mistletoe" released in 2011 is the album produced by Bieber with world pop stars like Usher and Mariah Carey. "Fa La La" is the 5th track from the album featuring Boyz II Men. Jimin asked, "This is my favorite song so I hope you will listen to it."

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