[Article] 161227 Kim Taehyung, strong presence... he makes up his mind to become a Hwarang

Kim Taehyung showed off his presence in "Hwarang"

During the 4th episode of KBS2 Mon Tue drama "Hwarang" (aired on the 27th), the scene of Hansung (Kim Taehyung) deciding to join Hwarang was aired. 

Previously, Hansung was captured due to the fight in  Najeong and he was given the option to join the Hwarang if he wanted to be released. Suho (Choi Minho) and many other youths were untied and they signed the written oath with their thumbprint.

Hansung's half brother Danse (Kim Hyunjoon) signed the oath first and told Hansung to signed it as well. Although Hansung says "I want to join.. I think it's going to be very fun...", he continued, "But I'm not going to because I'm the grandson of Seok Hyunjae.".

To this Danse replies, "I'm only a half blood so I can't become a Hwarang even when I sign this oath and you still say you won't join Hwarang when you can?". Danse calmly comforted him, "You are the last jingol of Seok Family. Even your grandfather wouldn't want you to die here today.".

Eventually, Hansung decided to become a Hwarang.

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