[Article] 161228 "Gayo Daechukjae" BTS, B.A.P will present Seo Taiji and Boys and H.O.T stages.

Group BTS will resurrect the legendary Seo Taiji and Boys.

Officials of "KBS Daechukjae" revealed, "BTS and B.A.P will respectively recreate Seo Taeji and Boys and H.O.T's hit songs.".

BTS who spent a splendid 2016 will reinterpret Seo Taiji and Boys' "Classroom Idea". BTS who debuted in 2013 rose to the top in just 4 years and now they're one of the trend groups. The group proved their fiery popularity by topping various music charts and music shows with every song they released this year including "FIRE" and "Blood Sweat & Tears". Moreover, BTS ranked No.5 in "World Album Artist" chart in "Year End 2016" chart released by Billboard. They achieved the highest rank as Korean artist and they stood tall as the global artist,  both in name and reality.

Also, Seo Taiji and Boys is the living legend and they're still the President of Culture and the icon of this generation. Furthermore, "Classroom Idea" is the very first gayo song that publicly criticized our education system and it emphasized the reality of teenagers' education as a social issue and created a sensation among the teenagers. It's gaining our attention to see how BTS who represent the current gayo industry will interpret Seo Taiji and Boys who represented the 1990s.

Officials of Gayo Daechukjae stated, "BTS and B.A.P wished to recreate the masterpieces of Seo Taiji and Boys, and H.O.T. The two teams selected their own songs, and they participated in planning their stage as well so we're sure they're going to produce legendary performances. We hope you will anticipate a lot.".

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1. This is going to be so cool like Perfect man ㅠㅠ Looking forward, looking forward! +348 -34

2. I hope a legend like BTS's Perfect man would be created +319 -34

3. I'm looking forward BTS ♡♡ +267 -30

4. I'm really looking forward to this year's KBS Gayo Daejeon..! +211 -21

5. heol I need to watch this (shivers) +201 -24

6. but "classroom idea" fits BTS very well. Perhaps because they did a similar concept during their early debut days? ㅋㅋㅋ It suits them well +67 -5

7. Classroom idea, I'm anticipating to see how they will interpret this song. BTS fighting +63 -5

8. ah I'm really looking forward ㅠㅠㅠㅠ BTS to perform Seo Taiji and Boys' song? ㅎㅎ +50 -2

9. wow daebak ㅠㅠ this is another end of the year stage I should def watch +43 -0

10. wow... I'm anticipating to watch how they will reinterpret classroom idea! +51 -3

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