[Article/Comments] 161224 US Billboard highly praises BTS... "Are you confused about BTS' global appeal?"

BTS once again took over the Billboard.

(T/N: It's the translation of the article by Billboard - "10 Best K-Pop Albums of 2016: Critic's Picks")

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1. When BTS accomplishes something it makes me happy and puts a smile on my face and I don't even know why. Album "WINGS" is a masterpiece. They need to succeed more. Their teamwork, music, choreography and their composing and lyric writing capabilities are too hidden from the public. I'm grateful to know that at least Billboard recognizes them. Also, they are the true definition of interacting with fans. They try to share every little moment with the fans and that's very lovely. Always fighting! +208 -29

2. " If anyone was confused about BTS' global appeal, one listen to Wings will make that inherently clear." +172 -20

3. When you listen to all the songs in BTS's album, you will realize that they cross over the boundaries of idol and musician. I like them because they don't make the obvious music. +167 -20

4. As expected. BTS let's only walk on the flower road~^^ +172 -26

5. wow... BTS class.... Billboard answers to the haters... " If anyone was confused about BTS' global appeal, one listen to Wings will make that inherently clear."+219 -42

6. Wow this is interesting but I think they deserve the recognition since the members had their solo tracks and produced their own songs too for WINGS album! +32 -2

7. I thought all idol groups are the same but BTS shattered the prejudice I had about idols with their DOPE performance. I guess everyone has a similar perspective. Personally, the reasons why I believe this full album is a masterpiece are 1. The trendy beats 2. When you listen to their songs with earphones you will realize there's plenty harmony 3. The themes of the songs are creative 4. The harmony of vocal and rap, the balance of the members' voices 5. All members participated in composing, writing their lyrics and producing. I wish they will continue to promote for a very long time with their own music colors! +28 -1

8. The album included solo tracks composed and written by the members themselves.. all 7 tracks are amazing.. 7 of them are equally charming and none of them stand out. Most importantly, they have the best teamwork... I learned about them because of my niece/nephew and now I love them more.. +31 -3

9. Until recently Hallyu was mainly in Asia but strangely BTS is popular in the West. I wonder why... +28 -2

10. BTS fighting! Let's climb higher in a calm and orderly way!! You worked hard and let's work harder and do your best to sing! +24 -1

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