[Birth of a star] BTS, "We want to be the group that celebrates our 30th anniversary"

Global trend boy group BTS celebrates their 3rd anniversary on 13th. They are a 7 member group under Bighit Entertainment consisting of Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook. They released their debut single album, "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" in 2013 June 12th and made their official debut through Mnet "M Countdown" on 13th.

The traces left by BTS in the Kpop industry during the last 3 years are amazing. With their music which speaks for the teenagers and their powerful performance, they swept rookie awards in the year of their debut and currently every album they release ranks No. 1 on music charts and music programs. They are concreting themselves as the top boy group.

Focus News listened to BTS's thoughts on their 3rd anniversary.

-Q. [How do you feel about your 3rd anniversary?]

▲ "It's our 3rd anniversary already. We're deeply moved that we're able to talk about our thoughts on the 3rd anniversary without any problems. Being where we are today amazes us but we'd really like to thank our fans for staying beside us."

-Q [What was the driving force that helped to keep BTS together during the 3 years?]

▲  "We think there's a definite answer.  We're obviously here because of our fans. This is an equation, an equation! Hence, our fans have become an irreplaceable existence to us. We are here today because of you. So we hope every one of you to think, "I am a very special person to BTS". And we feel most comfortable and happy when we're together with our members. Now we've become an indispensable person to each other. We believe that we have the best teamwork! We believe that we were able to maintain on good terms thanks to our lavishing love and consideration for each other, strong friendship, the desire, and determination we've been holding together until now and the efforts we've made together."

-Q [When was the time you laughed really hard as BTS?]

▲  "This is really hard to pick! We had many happy moments. These days we find every moment we spend together enjoyable and we laugh a lot because we're a part of BTS."

-Q [When did you cry the most as BTS?]

▲  "Probably when we made our debut, the ending of BEGINS concert and during our most recent concert at the Gymnastic Stadium. The emotions we felt during our debut stage were unexplainable and we remember crying for a long time after ending BEGINS concert. We don't remember why we cried but it felt like it was okay to cry. And during our concert at the Gymnastic Stadium, we believe that was the time we cried the most since our debut. We had always mentioned that Gymnastic Stadium was our goal and it really came true. We were touched and our hearts swelled... We think many mixed feelings went through us."

-Q [What was the most special stage of BTS?]

▲ "Every stage we've performed as BTS were special but if we had to choose it's the Gymnastic Stadium stage where we performed recently! It was our dream stage... We performed "I NEED U" as the ending song and the intro of this song really gives you goosebumps. We were happy but our eyes felt like they were tearing, we choked up."Born Singer" stage is also memorable."

-Q [Any unforgettable fans?]

▲ "We can vividly remember the fans who sang along our songs in the front line at the first Red Bullet concert. We can still remember seeing them passionately singing the songs to us."

-Q [Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve before the 4th anniversary?]

▲ "It's going to take a very long time if we talk about every goal on our list. As a team, our goal is to win the Daesang award as it's our team and fans' wish. And personally, each of us would like to make positive changes to ourselves and become a better person who understands himself better. We will also prepare for our individual mixtapes or individual work to show you great results."

-Q [How would BTS like to on their 10th anniversary?]

▲ "Someone's role model? (laughs) We hope we could blow 10 candles together with smile. Until then, we hope we would not lose our happiness and stay together with our fans with our unchanged hearts. We also hope to be more musically recognized. Even after 10 years, we'd like to be the team that would make you think it's enjoyable to watch our performance thus making you not want to miss our show."

-Q [A word to BTS celebrating the 3rd anniversary]

▲ Jin: "Aigo these fellows have really grown up. We're like one body. It feels weird when we're apart. I know we'll stay unchanged even after many years."

▲ Rap Monster: "You've worked hard. Let's continue walking forward in silence."

▲  J Hope: "You've worked hard! Let's work harder from now."

▲  Suga: "I hope to become that team who celebrates 3rd anniversary and then their 30th anniversary!"

▲  V: "Thank you always and I love you!"

▲  Jimin: "You guys were like my next door hyungs, friend and younger brother but now you're the most important people in my life. Please continue to take good care of me!"

▲ Jungkook: "First of all, I'd like to say thank you for being beside me and for being reliable. I want to say let's continue to stay together like this and to see each other for a long time."

-Q [A word to your fans who have been with you for 3 years]

▲ Jin: "If our members are one body, you are like the oxygen. It's meaningless if there's only body.  We can't live without oxygen. I hope you stay beside us always. Thank you for being beside us!"

▲  Rap Monster: "With a thankful heart, we'll do our best. Thank you."

▲ J Hope: "Thank you very much for your endless love and we will do our best to become your proud singer. I love you. Chu~"

▲ Suga: "I was very glad to be together with you for 3 years. ARMY, please continue to take good care of us!"

▲ V: "ARMY, thank you and I love you for treasuring us always. We're now 3 years old but let's stay together until we turn legal!"

▲ Jimin: "I think we experienced many different things because you were with us for the last 3 years. That is also why my group and I want to show you many things but it's sad that we still didn't get to show you many of them. I know that "thank you" is always insufficient but I want to tell you that I'm grateful and ever so grateful. I hope you will continue to stay beside us. I love you a lot."

▲ Jungkook: "3 years can both be a long and short period but I had pleasant moments and strengthening moments because you were beside us. I don't know how long this happiness would last but present is more important than the future, right? (Of course, future is also important.). I hope BTS you to remember every moment we share and continue to create more beautiful memories together. Just like how we stayed together until now, let's try building something new!"

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