[Instiz] 161206 Some fans from another fandom got caught trying to frame BTS's fandom with rumors

Before I begin the post, I would like to state that we're not trying to drag in another fandom into this but we're just trying to prevent incitement. We feel bad to the other fandom who is involved in this rumor.

Firstly, this case is based on the rumor how users on Male Celebrities board on DC Gall tried frame EXO with misogyny.

If you will allow me to explain the story- users on Male celebrities board on DC Gall started a rumor of "차돌박이" (= misogyny) on EXO and they almost made this rumor sound like it was true > Some fans who are active on Nate PANN  EXO Fantalk board planned to blame and frame BTS's fandom as if they had started this rumor and not the users of Male Celeb board on DC Gall > Currently, people who have proved themselves as EXO fans by going through strict procedure are discussing about this plan in an open chatting room > They said they will write about this on various sites including Instiz but right now they're still gathering materials.


1. A rumor regarding misogyny remark at EXO's fanmeeting began to spread. But this word (차돌박이) has nothing to do with misogyny and the people who started this rumor (users on DC Gall Male Celeb board) made this word sound negative when they were spreading the rumor.

2. Some users on Nate PANN agreed to fabricate this fact and put the blame on BTS fans as if they were the ones who started the rumor.

3. Via Kakao Talk, they recruited people after going through fan proof verification process, created false materials, and they agreed to post these materials on Daum community cafes (Jjukbang, Yeosung Sidae) and Instiz between 6th and 7th of December at 12AM.

4. BTS fans on Instiz BTS board learned about this and they came up with a clarification post beforehand and posted it on Instiz.

Conclusion: BTS fans never created the 차돌박이 (= this is not a misogyny word but it was created by users on Male Celeb board on DC Gall and gave it bad meaning to it before they began to spread the rumor) rumor and the source of this rumor is Male Celeb board on DC Gall.

Photo 1: Their fan verification process

Photo 2, 3, 4, 5:  some fans planning media play + fabrication

Photo 6, 7: The source of 차돌박이

so how should I prove?

Screenshot of the post/comment you left on EXO (fan)talk board before 6am today
Screenshot of your streaming
Melon/Genie ID
New lightstick/ Old lightstick - you can choose one
EX'ACT/ Lotto/ CBX - you can choose one
phrase: Unicorn is a unicorn only if it has a horn + date and time

(from EXO fantalk board)

Let's first bring up posts from ㅉㅃ (jjukbbang) and ㅇㅅ (Yeosung Sidae) and if they post something later

Bring 차돌박이. They attacked Baejimil to death so why shouldn't we do it too? We should post about it

Guys, let's just bring up ㅇㅅ and ㅉㅃ for now

if those b*tches try to say excuses later
let's bring in the materials from Twitter. But you must filter your word here and decide if we're going to use them or not
we should refrain from talking about issues on other sites unless we're dealing with them

-why are b*tches without materials trying to fuss around
-you moron, it was BTS who said 차돌박이
- if they say that they didn't start 차돌박이
-proving my streaming
-guys, let's just bring up ㅇㅅ and ㅉㅃ for now

This is the role of EXO Talk

Honestly, users on EXO talk are young so it's hard for us to come up with something brilliant and stick together because we have many trolls watching us

So the only thing we can do right now is media play

As I've said before, PANN is very open and we have readers from different age groups
Facebook pages repost PANN posts too so it can be quite influential
We need to use this well by ranking high on Selected Talk chart, not feeding the trolls, and taking control of the best comments. If we succeed all this, we're halfway to success.

No one will show care even if they bring a good refutation post when we flood the comments and pretend like victims in the best comments, plus it will get buried by the media play. Others will follow the latter so we need to sleep a little late today and do our best to control the post ranking and best comments. Please ㅜㅜ

Naver search word = 차돌박이 Male celeb DC Gall

(first two results are from DC Gall Male Celeb board, which show that this word was started by users on DC Gall.)

(screenshot from DC gall with users using the word 차돌박이)

Tanso 196
차돌박이 is not a misogyny word! there wasn't any meaning behind this word anyway but they (DC users) gave it a new meaning to create a bad image. Even that fandom was frustrated when they saw this word
ㄴ heol OP, look at this!!
ㄴ OP, I think this is more accurate! I think this is what we should write for 차돌박이 because this is a sensitive matter to both fandoms ㅠㅠ I was going around trying to screencapture proofs but I couldn't find any and everyone said it's their first time seeing the word 차돌박이 

Don't talk about this outside this chat room

Jings (nickname for EXO fans on Instiz), did they really talk about 차돌박이?

They were doing this quiz at fanmeeting and the answer was "차돌박이"
but suddenly Chen asked the teenagers to close their ears and he said "what did we eat this morning?ㅋㅋㅋ" then Baekhyun replied "this question is weird~~" and they began to laugh ㅋㅋㅋ
fans weren't sure what they were talking about but they just laughed with them thinking it was some sex joke
but they began to ask their Twitter friends and guy friends when they came home and they learned that
차돌박이 = is a slang for girls who get sexually aroused very fast

I'm turning this comment public because many asked me the meaning
ㄴ heol... it's sex joke?! omg

that was me


the page isn't loading, please wait for few mins

I went through the verification process which was f*cking hard and I didn't start any friendship

I get that you're excited but that's not the point!!!!!!

They posted before us and the comments are f*cked up

@@@@ It will be up in 20mins @@@@@

get ready. let's secure the best comments

Original post here
Response +598

1. wow seriously?
ㄴ but the important fact here is that both fandoms are victims!!

2. BTS (fans) have to prepare a clarification post before the actual problem outbreaksㅜㅠ
ㄴ this is true although it's very sadㅜㅜㅜㅜ
ㄴ I hope BTS will stay strong

3. wow I've never experienced this feeling... I'm shaking for the first time and I really can't help but cry

4. BTS and EXO are being affected by some of their fans

5. I wonder why their live their life like this... they're really making their lives so difficult...

6. do you really have no life?

7. Bighit is currently suing the haters ^ㅁ^~

8. Please leave BTS alone...

9. we're being hit from all sides...

10. seriously do they have some kind of mental illness...

11. I wonder if they really want to spend their one lifetime so meaninglessly... I hope they spend time on worthier things

12. please don't touch BTS and ARMYs... we're not your toys ㅎㅎ

13. As a fan from another fandom, I'm just a 3rd party and I feel awful to BTS and BTS fans... they had to go through all sorts of rumors last year and recently they had to deal with hate after winning the award... please be strong...

14. I don't know how twisted one has to be to curse at celebrities who they don't even know in person and show dedication to spread malicious rumors like that. this is really making me angry. It's not easy being EXO, EXO L, BTS and ARMY.

15. they should probably do something more productive with such dedication...
 ((Bangtan)) ((EXO)) ((L)) ((ARMY))

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