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Some merely explain BTS as the "President of Elementary students". However, with their recent album they put their name at the highest place of a 2016 music awards ceremony. BTS who lives up to the word "trend" shares their own stories in louder voices.


To some our endlessly repeating schedule of songwriting, practicing, promoting, concerts might look boring but we consider them very fun. It was something we wanted to do. These were things we really, really wanted to do. But I destress myself with figures. Lately,  I collect KAWS or Coarsetoys' art toys and these are my happiest moments. Moreover, when I'm tired after a hectic schedule, someone inside my head tells me to continue writing lyrics. Perhaps it's the driving force that helps me continue writing songs? It might sound funny but I think my soul constantly keeps me going. hahah. It's our +3 years since debut but there are many things we haven't tried yet. I say this all the time but I dream of the day I would work with senior Younha, Tablo, and Lee Sora. I hope I could collaborate with foreign musicians like 6lack, and King Krule.


I began learning music since I was 13 but I began to really worry about my identity as an idol and musician after debuting as BTS. But I do not cling to problems like those anymore. It's true that good music is recognized under all circumstances. It doesn't matter whether an idol releases an album or if a musician releases their album. I'm a person who makes music and making good music is my top priority. Gaining popularity as an idol and being recognized as a musicians problems that come after. These days I really enjoy working on music with other members. At first, the way we rap sounded similar but now our individualities are becoming more prominent. We can create better songs when we talk to each other and this process is very fun. Pressure? I would be lying if I said I don't feel any pressure. However, I think "responsibility" is the word that suits us the most right now. Because we want to present them (listeners) with better music. I might sound arrogant but that's our swag. Being arrogant and swag are two different things.


I used to be very pressured whenever I wrote lyrics. I suffered from constraints like "You should be talking such story at this point!". After various attempts, I learned that when I write lyrics with a particular frame the sincerity of my words vanishes. But when we were working on our second full album <WINGS>, I experienced the merciless "Blood, Sweat & Tears" again. It was because I was in charge of ‘Intro: Boy Meets Evil’ which introduces the album to the listeners and I had to present them with solo rap and choreography. I can still clearly feel the sensation I felt when I I practiced barefoot. The feeling of my body and the floor becoming one was very impressive. I looked incredibly sexy while I practiced the stage. haha. I'm a person who concentrates into one thing when I fall in love with it. This applies to BTS promotion and also when I love someone. I think love is something that turns us stupid. When you fall in love, you become a fool who only knows one person, right? Anyway, it would have been nice if V and Jin were present for the photoshoot too. I'm very sad because they couldn't come with us due to their schedules.


I never felt uncomfortable living together with hyungs at our dorm.  I'm rather worried how uncomfortable it would be to live separately. This is how other members feel too. We don't feel the need to move out on our own or find our dorm life uncomfortable. Sometimes Rap Mon hyung gets annoyed when Taehyung hyung (V) plays game in their room but  (Rap Mon "I do want to use the room by myself when V starts loudly commanding to his game friends with his headphones on). Those are times when I feel fortunate for winning rock, paper, scissors. We had one room left when we were choosing our roommate so one of us could use the room alone and we democratically (?) played rock, paper, scissors. And I won. I'm happy thanks to this. Is this my most beautiful moment in life? No, I don't think. I think the moment you remember after years and think "ah, I was really happy back then" is my most beautiful moment in life.


When we chose our album title as "WINGS", I imagined flying in the sky to my heart's content. I wanted to fly here and there in the open sky without choosing the destination. "Irresistible temptation" concept? Even back then, I tried to think of my sexiest moment. The person who seduces others has to be sexy to be irresistible, right?Other members would answer that they look the sexiest when they're focusing on their work- like writing songs or practicing the choreography but I look the sexiest when my eyes are puffy. (Suga "Everyone falls in love with Jimin when they look at his eyes", Rap Mon "Being sexy by instinct is the best, right? In that way no one can beat Jimin.") Right. I'm always swollen. So I'm always sexy. I'm a bit uncomfortable when people as me when I feel the sexiest or when was my most beautiful moment in life. It's because I don't keep a specific moment in my mind. I believe that mindset is the most important thing. The age I greatly look forward to? I guess it would be the moment when I become the person I have always dreamed of becoming? Although I can't specifically tell you what kind of person that is but I'm in the process of finding the answer and that is what's important.

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