[Misc] 161125 [Fansim App/ Food for the Hungry] Fans donated for Suga who said he wants to do philanthropic work!


This is Fansim Admin who is always happy to see you guys.

We will introduce and talk about the BTS donation which was carried out in Season 16 E10! 
Pitapat, are you guys ready!

Fansim - Something nice will happen to your star when you send them your heart.

(팬심 is slang made using 팬 (fan) and 심 (心 in Hanja (Chinese)) which is heart)

1. What is Fansim?

We will briefly tell you about Fansim App before we begin.
- you send your "heart" which can be collected whenever you touch your smartphone to your favorite star
- If your star ranks high in the chart (calculated every day, top 5)
- Fansim is a community service that donates for a good cause every month and personally delivers the certificate and fan letters to the entertainment companies. 
(currently, the app is only available for Android users, we're planning on building the app for iPhone users ㅠㅠ)

2. How can we donate?

*please check the detailed rules by clicking here!
- stars who rank within No.1~No.5 every day will be given funds
- when these funds reach a certain limit, we find the perfect charity to donate under the celebrity's name
- the donation certificate and the fan letters written by top 1~30 fans who sent most number of hearts will be personally delivered to the celebrity's entertainment company.

"Media represents the standard of beauty with "how skinny one is" and push us with mediaplay. But there are people who die from starvation on the other side of the earth. Don't you think we should focus more on them? If I could become such influential person and a confident person, I believe that maybe I could make people pay attention to things like that."

- Suga, during an interview

3. Where did BTS donate this time?

- [BTS Suga, Min Yoongi aka Agust D] (interview article)
- Suga normally showed interest to children in need who live on the other side of the world, so we decided to donate to "Food for the Hungry", an organization that helps the children around the world living in difficult situations!
- Food for the Hungry helps children in Korea, overseas, North Korea, refugees, etc. They have 16 campuses in Korea and 97 operation facilities in 51 countries. They're the leading active organization that serves to solve the hunger problem. 

4. Process of delivering the donation certificate, fan letters

- We donated the accumulated fund for this season- 127,500won to Food for the Hungry.
- We received the donation certificate and 
- we will include the list of top 1~30 users
- and deliver them personally to BTS's company, Bighit Entertainment on November 28th

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