[Misc] 161209 Hwarang (Hansung Character, Story, Character map)

"We smartened and named him Hwarang after selecting a man who is beautiful in appearance and when we made people serve him, followers gathered around like clouds. They occasionally polished each other's morals, enjoyed music and songs together, and landscape sightseeing. There was no place that wasn't visited by them no matter how far it might be. Through these process, they were able to know the right and wrong characters of these men. The person with  virtuous character among them was recommended to the Royal Court."

- Samguk Sagi (History of the Three Kingdoms) Book 4, Silla bongi (annals) 4, King Jinheung

This is the record of Hwarang in the history and records of few representative Hwarangs were recorded.

However, besides the names of these famous Hwarang no one knows about them in detail.

How did Hwarang begin?

How did these young men with beautiful visuals stand in the center of the Millennium Kingdom of Silla which unified the three kingdoms?
What could be the rites of passage these youths had to pass to become the spirit of Silla?

We are now going to unsolve these many questions.
About the youths who lived in the sixth century of Silla. 
The things which could not be kept in the records, we are about to start unwrapping the possible imaginations. 

It's the story of the friendship and love of Hwarangs.
Along with the growth story of these youths who try to create a new world beyond the bone rank system. 

And this is another myth. 

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HANSUNG cast Kim Taehyung

The youngest Hwarang in Hwarangdo. He is a person with an innocent face like an angel. He seeks to create harmonious relation wherever he might be with his warm and friendly personality. However, he is silly and very inquisitive. He doesn't care about other things or hear what others tell him when he concentrates in something. As Hwarangdo gradually becomes the driving force of the new country's future, this soft boy is loaded with heavy and lonely hardships of his family.

He meets Sunwoo when he becomes a Hwarang and he was a different person compared to the people Hansung had met until now. He was a person who would give his own shoes for the injured person when other looked down on him because he belongs in the low half-breed status. His favorable feelings for Sunwoo becomes larger beyond the bone rank system. Hansung starts depending on Sunwoo like his real elder brother.  For the first time, Hansung who used to be stuck between the fights of adults now has a dream and he tries to stand alone by himself.

(T/N: Sunwoo is the character played by actor Park Seojoon.)

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