[Misc] Nominees of this year's Joke Award

My father ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

me: (during BTS's stage) Dad, do you know them?
father: no, who are thy?

me: (EXO's Volcano Chicken commercial starts playing) Dad, do you know them?
father: your babies

Daebak. Melon just picked the wrong fandom to mess with. EXO fan just met a lawyer (Upvotes 5)

They might have thought we'd just let this go  but most EXO fans are going to continue doing what we can until we receive a proper feedback
This is going to be a long-term war... you guys are so cool

(T/N: this was posted on Instiz Big Room board. This is where users talk about all idols anonymously. It's different from the board where I bring BTS Instiz posts)

You guys are trying to win EXO with sales? You must have really lost your mind

We need to stay calm and keep our minds in place during times like this so we can kill them all. This will be the only way to stop them from messing with us

As expected. Our class is f*cking different

Other fandoms go "omg I bought 3 albums!!" and others reply "well done~~~~~ you're really amazing ㅠㅠ!" but sh*t how many copies did we buy? 10, 20? no, you need to buy more, yeah that's right. This is the class of the Daesang Artist

(last two posts were on EXO's fantalk board)

+) replies to this tweet

1) I will recommend a nominee before I leave

oh gosh. The lights went off as soon as they said their acceptance speech so in tears I was like "what's going on?" and my family prepared a cake before the broadcast because they knew EXO would win the Daesang and brought it out (for me) ㅠㅠ there are 5 candles because this is their 5th MAMA. Dad, thanks. I mean it.

2) I'm disappointed because I don't see this person in the list

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah f*cking hilarious
They are the first boy idol to remain 100 hours on Billboard 200 with Monster ㅋ of course, for the second time~
what was the ranking?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
No. 1 as a unit group f*ckers
ㄴ d*mn.. this is my first mention to you but does s/he think the main chart = album chart...?

3) honestly, this is the legend

You're the one without brains... I'm a Seoul Univesity graduate with honors...
ㄴ it looks like you're trying to impress us with your educational background because you got nothing to say. ah, anyway what was your major? not all majors of Seoul University are famous either ㅋㅋ You are the top of which major?
ㄴ National Science track.

(t/n: 이과 (science) and 문과 (liberal arts) are expressions used in high school when students choose their track)

4) I'm disappointed. How could this person not be a nominee?

I wish only Big Bang and EXO attends MAMA next year so BTS won't stand a chance

5) aht please include this one too~ 

Idol has to be handsome regardless of how talented they are in dancing or rapping...
If they're such great dancers or rappers, they should become a dancer or a rapper instead. why are you an idol....

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